Living Room China Cabinets

China Cabinets can be a perfect addition to your living room. To find out what things you should consider before purchasing your living room cabinet read on…

Flat screen TVs have eliminated the need for those tall massive entertainment centers that used to take up huge spaces in living rooms and family rooms. The only problem is that without that tall piece of furniture, many rooms look off balance or lack interest vertically. This is the perfect place for a living room china cabinet. China cabinets are tall and draw the eye upwards and they provide extra storage space for CDs, DVDs and games and add a great spot to display collectables or even artwork.

Since the display area of most china cabinets is enclosed in glass, it allows items to be seen but helps protect them from dust, smoke and other indoor air pollution. Many china cabinets have built in lighting that can be used to spotlight artwork or special collectables. Most china cabinets are not as wide as the old fashioned entertainment centers so they still provide the height without taking up as much floor space.

China Cabinet Desks

Some living room china cabinets have the extra bonus of providing a work space that folds away in seconds. Many china cabinets have secretary desks which fold down and are large enough to accommodate a laptop. Some have cubby holes to store stamps, office supplies and even a checkbook. People who are security conscious can find china cabinets with desks that lock closed with a key when not in use. In small apartments and homes, this hide away office space can be a big bonus.

People who don’t have collectables or artwork to display can use living room china cabinets as bookshelves. Old fashioned book shelves often had glass fronts to protect the books from dust and dirt so books look perfectly at home on china cabinet shelves. It’s easy to find bookends at yard sales and flea markets and they can be used to make the books into a pretty display. Artificial plants or flowers may also be an inexpensive way to dress up a china cabinet display.

Now that the bulky, ugly entertainment center that hid the bulky, ugly TV is gone and that new flat screen is mounted on the wall, use the extra space to make a decorating statement with a living room china cabinet. China cabinets are available in a variety of widths and can fit into almost any room beautifully. It is important to measure the available space before choosing a china cabinet just to make sure you get the right size.


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