Narrow China Cabinets

Narrow China cabinets are perfect when space is at a premium. For suggestions on how to incorporate a china cabinet into your interior read on…

Many people think that china cabinets are massive pieces of furniture and that they don’t have room in their small home or apartment for a china cabinet. There are space saving narrow china cabinets available that can help make the most of floor space by using  space vertically. Often these cabinets have legs that raise them off the floor which gives a greater impression of floor space since more of the floor is visible.

Corner Cabinets

A corner china cabinet can provide lots of extra storage space plus a spot to display dishes or collectables while utilizing space that might otherwise be wasted. Corner cabinets are often narrow china cabinets designed to fit into unused corners of a room. They take up minimal floor space but provide lots of vertical storage space in an attractive piece of furniture.

Curio Cabinets

Very narrow china cabinets that feature full glass coverage on three sides are often called curio cabinets. These cabinets are primarily designed for display and offer limited storage possibilities since all the items in the cabinet are visible. They do make an attractive place to display dishes and glassware, especially if plate holders are used to hold dishes upright.

Narrow China Cabinets

Most narrow china cabinets feature closed storage in the lower part of the cabinet with glass doors and sides for displays of fine china or collectables. These cabinets may feature a single door or two narrow double glass doors. There are a variety of widths available and it is recommended that shoppers measure the wall space where the cabinet will be placed before buying a china cabinet. It is possible to find an array of different furniture styles in widths to fit into most spaces.


While hutches are most commonly used in kitchens, they also work well in casual dining areas. The primary difference between hutches and china cabinets is that hutches often have open shelving rather than glass fronts, or feature a work space between the lower part of the cabinet and the glassed in display area. Like china cabinets, hutches are available in a variety of sizes to fit most spaces.

Narrow china cabinets are a great way to fit extra storage into small spaces. While most people consider china cabinets as display pieces, they are actually a practical way to add extra storage to an area without taking up a large amount of floor space. A narrow china cabinet or corner cabinet is a great way to add style and storage to a space.

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