Burgundy, Perigord & Lyon

Would you like to try some authentic regional French food in France? Perhaps you’re going on holiday to Burgundy or Lyon and want to know about the regional food. On this page we’ve collected interesting facts & information about the regional foo

The French regional food of Burgundy is known for being substantial and served in particularly large portions. The most famous regional food from Burgundy in Boeuf Bourguignon, which is beef marinated with mushrooms, onions and carrots. Similar to French regional food from Normandy, many recipes from Burgundy make substantial use of cream based sauces.

Another popular regional food eaten in Burgundy is raw sausages which are served with a sauce made from mustard. Mustard is used liberally in many dished from Burgundy as it has a long history of use in this region dating back to the times when Romans ruled France.  There are many different varieties of mustard produced in Burgundy using a variety of ingredients from honey to tarragon which produce an eclectic range of tastes. Black snails raised on grape leaves are another popular regional food from Burgundy.

Regional French Food of Perigord

Perigord has one of the best anf most celebrated regional cuisines in France. The food of Perigord is famous for its truffles and poultry. A special food that is particularly popular in Perigord is goose liver pate served with many main dishes in this region in France.  A traditional example of regional food from Perigord is roasted or boiled goose stuffed with chestnuts and plums. Goose fat and walnut oil are used heavily in food from Perigord. Ducks are another popular form of poultry that often feature in many foods from Perigord. Food from Perigord is usually signified on menus in French restaurants by the suffix a la perigourdine.

French Regional Food of Lyon

Lyon, which is a major city located near the centre of France, is situated between many of the major agricultural regions of France. This ensures Lyon with a steady supply of excellent produce with which to prepare its food.

Examples of regional food from Lyon include veal sausage or fish dumplings poached in creamy cray fish sauce, known as quenelles.

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