Rustic China Cabinets

Rustic china cabinets are perfect for adding a touch of provincial charm to your interior. For information and ideas on choosing the right cabinet read on…

While china cabinets are usually considered an elegant piece of furniture, meant for are   displaying fine china and crystal, they are also available in more casual rustic styles. Rustic china cabinets may have distressed finishes, open display shelves instead of glass doors or an open work space between the lower storage area and the display shelves. Although these china cabinets are often used in kitchens, they work well in casual dining spaces and family rooms.

Distressed Finishes

Distressed finishes may be painted in several coats of different colors with the top coat sanded to show the colors beneath. This gives the piece a feeling of age and being passed down through several generations. Wood finishes can also be distressed by using tools to create depressions and scratches in the wood. Some rustic china cabinets are made of recycled wood from old barns and sheds so the wood is naturally weathered and appears old. This look may also be achieved through the use of wood stains.

Simple Styles

Most rustic styles are simple without a lot of ornamentation or fancy hardware. The pulls and knobs may be made of wood or iron, although colored glass or porcelain pulls also work well on rustic pieces. The top section of rustic china cabinets is often in the hutch style where the top of the buffet piece is left open and side and back boards raise the display shelves to allow work or serving space on the buffet. Rustic pieces often have less display area than more formal styles.

Painted Rustic Cabinets

Colored or white painted finishes are common for rustic china cabinets and some may feature folk art decorative painting on the front, or lower doors and cabinet sides. Norwegian rosemaling and Pennsylvania Dutch designs are especially popular. Rustic china cabinets are not less expensive than more formal cabinets, especially if they feature artwork. The distressed finishes and decorative painting are special items that require craftsmen spend more time working to achieve the right look.

While rustic china cabinets may have a more casual appearance than their more formal counterparts, they are usually fine, well crafted pieces. For those that want the look of rustic furniture, finding an old hutch or china cabinet with simple lines and painting or refinishing the piece may be one way to get the look. Replacing ornate hardware with simple pulls and knobs will be necessary to get that old country appearance characteristic to rustic china cabinets.

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