Small China Cabinets

Small china cabinets come in a variety of sizes and can serve different purposes. For more information on choosing the right china cabinet for oyur interior read on…

China cabinets add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room and they do not have to be massive pieces of furniture. Small china cabinets fit into most spaces comfortably and are available in a variety of styles. Consider a cabinet with legs that raise it off the floor for the impression of more floor space or choose a corner cabinet to make use of space that would otherwise be empty. Even small china cabinets add extra storage by using vertical space.

Small china cabinets do not have to match existing furniture but can be chosen to harmonize with pieces that are already in a room. They are available in styles from modern, to oriental to traditional and Queen Anne and will fit into any decorating scheme beautifully. Not only can china cabinets be used to store china and crystal, they are also a great place to display collectibles and artwork since the enclosed glass space helps keep items from collecting dust.

In modern homes open floor plans often leave little wall space for furniture placement, but a small china cabinet takes up very little room while providing a great display area and extra storage space for seldom used serving pieces or even board games and CDs. Most china cabinets have closed storage space in addition to the display area which allows items to be hidden away when not in use. China cabinets are not limited to use in the dining room, they can be used for decorating in any room in the home.

For those people who already have a dining room table and chairs, a china cabinet can be found to harmonize with the furniture in the room. Instead of trying to match wood finishes which can be difficult, consider a contrasting finish or a cabinet that is painted, distressed or antiqued. A black or light neutral color will go with any wood finish and add a more timeless look to the room. Small china cabinets can be narrow and tall or slightly wider and gracefully proportioned depending on the design and the desired size.

In addition to looking for china cabinets at furniture retailers, consider looking at estate sales and used furniture stores. China cabinets that were made during the mid 20th century are often smaller than those manufacturer for today’s homes, since rooms in older homes were often small. Look for small china cabinets made from solid wood since it is easier to refinish or paint wood cabinets to go with existing pieces.

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