Victorian China Cabinet

Interested in the Victorian China cabinet? Find out about the kind of variety you will be able to find in the marketing our buyer information guide.

The Victorian China cabinet is an excellent piece of furniture that has practical and aesthetical advantages. Drawing its inspiration from the ancient Chinese culture the China cabinet is considered to be a symbol of class in today’s times.

Interested individuals will be able to find a plethora of Victorian China cabinets in the market today. Some interesting examples of what you will be able to find out there are as follows:

Butler Specialty Console Cabinet Victorian Stripe

This particular Victorian China cabinet is elegance personified. At the same time this is a highly practical console cabinet. The hand painted finish gives it the antique touch making it an exquisite addition to any interior. Made using solid hardwoods this Victorian China cabinet is something you will be handing down for generations.

The cabinet has many practical uses. You can use it to store your electronic items or display your chinaware. The Victorian stripe hand painted finish gives it the looks whereas the three felt lined drawers along with the two side cabinets provide for plenty of storage space. The antique brass finish adds even more value to this Victorian China cabinet. So how much should you expect to pay for this Chinese wonder piece? You will be able to get your hands on this Butler Specialty Console Victorian Strip cabinet for around $800.

Victorian Mantel Corner Curio

The curio cabinet is an excellent space saving decorative furniture item. It will fit right into that tight corner in your drawing room adding value to your interior design. With the flat front design the Victorian Mantel Corner Curio has the trademark simplicity of Chinese style furniture while the white framing adds elegance to the Victorian curio cabinet. Overall this vintage piece of Chinese furniture is an excellent display desk for your souvenirs.

This Victorian Mantel Corner Curio is endowed with three glass shelves that can be adjusted to your preference. This gives you the freedom to arrange your items as you like. The display shelf has a mirror back along with an interior illuminator which further enhances the contents of the cabinet. Small in size you will be able to get your hands on the Victorian Mantel Corner Curio China cabinet for around $350.

Pulaski Victorian Cherry Curved Curio Cabinet

A transitional style China cabinet this Pulaski Victorian Cherry carves curio makes a rich addition to any interior setting. Endowed with tons of detailed carving the cabinet is a true reflection of Chinese artistry. The crown molding along with the warm dark wood finish gives this Victorian China cabinet its character.

The cabinet has been given curved features and a cherry finish to work wonders in your drawing room. Made using solid hardwood and veneers the cabinet promises years of use. The adjustable glass shelves give you the opportunity to compose your collectables as per your sense of aesthetics. This one is available in the market for around $850.

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