Chinese New Year Symbols

Interested in knowing about Chinese New Year symbols. Find out as we take a look at the most prominent symbols that surface during this special time of the year.

Symbolism is a prominent phenomenon with very strong associations to the Chinese culture. Amongst the many aspects of the Chinese culture that revolves around the use of symbols is the event of the Chinese New Year.

There are many symbols and customs associated with the Chinese New Year, which by the way is not the 1st of January like it is for the rest of the world that follows the solar calendar. The wide ranges of symbols that are associated with the event of Chinese New Year have great cultural and historical significance in the eyes of the Japanese people.

You will find the collection of Chinese new years symbols to be representing profound meanings in an interesting and awe inspiring visual manner. The collection of New Year symbols is a fine example of balanced art between form and function.

The undeniable physical beauty of the Chinese New Year symbols is a testament to the region’s artistic talents. The meaning behind the symbols gives us the mystical insight into the beliefs and traditions of the people of China.

When is the Chinese New Year?

At this point in our discussion it would be appropriate for us to identify when exactly the Chinese New Year in comparison to the western New Year is. First of all we must remember that where as the western world follows a solar calendar China has traditionally been following the lunar calendar.

The lunar calendar as the name suggests is based upon the cycles of the moon. This is one of the reasons why you will find most of the calendars printed in China to display both the Gregorian as well as the Chinese lunar calendar dates. Such calendars make it easy for others to compare the dates and keep up to date with current trends.

The symbolism at the start of the year

The spirit is joyous and hope is for prosperity when the Chinese New Year arrives. This is why you will find the collection of Chinese New Year symbols to be very positive with regards to their meanings.

Flowers are amongst the most prominent symbols of the Chinese New Year. Traditionally the Chinese were more inclined towards making use of natural products hence flowers were the ideal choice. The plum blossom and the water narcissus are amongst the two most popular Chinese new year flower symbols.

Another important traditional New Year symbol is the hong-bao which is actually a lai-see envelope. This is an envelope consisting of money which is handed over to the kids by the elders of the family on the eve of the new year. It is regarded to be one of the Chinese New Year symbols.

The hope for good luck is represented by the word fortune which is pronounced as fook in Chinese. This word can be seen displayed on homes and stores as well as on the streets and other fashion accessories during this time of the year.

Amongst other prominent Chinese new year symbols are the Plum blossoms, the spring couplets, tangerines, oranges and the famous tray of togetherness.

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