Vintage Chinese Checkers

Looking for a vintage Chinese checkers board? Get a load of the choices that you have at hand in our information guide…

Chinese checkers is a classic game that does not actually originate from China although it is tagged with the name. The game was actually developed based on the European Halma and introduced with its marketable name of “Chinese checkers” in the US. This vintage game is easily available in the market today and catches its name from the star shaped playing surface which is reminiscent of the Chinese flag

There are many different variations of the board game being sold in the market. Some of the interesting vintage Chinese checker board games available in the market are as follows:

Vintage Hexagonal Checkers Chinese Vintage

At just 3.75 inches this is an extremely small version of the classic board game. Made out of plastic it is highly durable and its small size makes it easy to carry with you during travelling or picnics. It comes with a complete set of sixty pegs that are taped to the back of the board in the package. The fact that it is made out of plastic is great for young children who will be experiencing the game for the first time. Believe it or nor this small and durable Vintage Hexagonal Chinese checkers game is available for a mere $2.99 brand new!

Vintage metal Chinese checkers GBY Pixie Games

If you are looking for a jazzed up version of the board game then this particular version is bound to appeal to you. Made from metal you can rest assured that this vintage product is going to last you for quite some time. The unique thing about this particular version of the board game is that it has a painted board displaying traditional Chinese art. Painted in a wide range of traditional colors the board displays pictures of dragons, Chinese fishermen and other prominent things from the Chinese culture making it a truly unique buy. The board also features two drawers in which you can keep the sixty pegs that are used to play the game.

Vintage Chinese checkers game board

Go for the big and bold Chinese checkers game with this vintage metal board measuring a staggering 19 inches in diameter. Rest assured this huge board will occupy a central space on the table. The board has been artistically decorated with Chinese themed graphics to give it a total Chinese look. This big time board will cost you about $30 in the market.

Vintage Chinese checkers

Chinese checkers are not hard to find in today’s times but if you are looking for a Chinese checker board with a difference then this is the one just for you. This vintage piece looks as though it has been handed down through generations as it captures the look and feel of a family heirloom. The board has been hand crafted using top quality select woods and stained to give it a vintage look. This particular board can be played but the creative design makes it worth displaying as well. Mount it up on the wall and you will have a unique art piece livening up your interior. Take it off and engage in a great game of Chinese checkers. You can get your hands on this vintage game for $34.95.


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