Vintage Noritake Chinaware Patterns

Interested in buying some Vintage Noritake china? Discover the all time classic patterns from the world renowned chinaware producer…

Noritake is a Japan based company that specializes in producing fine chinaware. It shot to fame, not only due to the remarkable quality of its chinaware but also due to the unique patterns that it produced. Since the company has been operating for over a century now, you are bound to find some vintage pieces amongst the collection.

Chinaware enthusiasts and people of good taste hold vintage Noritake china in high esteem. These all time classics may have been discontinued a long time ago but they are still highly sought after by the tasteful masses. Some of the all time classic vintage pieces produced by the company are as follows:

Engagement Blue

This particular piece was developed by the company back in 1974. It was part of a special line of chinaware patterns created specifically for wedding engagements. This particular vintage piece was quite different from other Noritake china of the time. One of the strikingly different features of the Engagement Blue was its beautiful blue body that gave it a unique appeal. The appearance was further enhanced with the use of a floral pattern consisting of dark blue and white flowers around the rim. Engagement Blue has been out of circulation since 1984 and is a good find today.


Developed in 1953 Greenbay is one of the all time classic Noritake china pieces. Although this is one of the older patterns it has a timelessly fresh appeal with the use of bright colors and interested graphics. Attention is drawn to the center of the plate in this particular pattern with nicely composed leaves of green and yellow color. A green band runs the perimeter on the inside circle as well as the actual rim of the plate. Greenbay was taken out of circulation by 1960 and is today available as a vintage piece in the discontinued Noritake pattern collection.

Aberdeen Older

This is yet another classic pattern amongst the vintage Noritake collection. The company released a newer version of the same pattern in recent years but it is the Aberdeen Older pattern which is classed amongst the antiques.

The exquisite pattern making talents of Noritake artisans comes into its fullest with this particular vintage set. It features an array of delicate pink, blue and yellow flowers giving it a very elegant look. The flowers are made to run around scrolls of gold that go all along the border. Needless to say this vintage piece is one of the highly sought after Noritake china pieces which is something you would want to display rather than make use of on a daily basis.

Where to find Vintage Noritake China?

Older models of Noritake are held in high esteem. But where can interested individuals get their hands on vintage Noritake china? Well, the advent of the internet has made things a lot easier for vintage Noritake china seekers. One of the ways to find an older discontinued model is to search for it using its pattern number. This way the search engine will lead you to the sources that have particular pattern in stock to sell. You can also look for the pattern of your choice in the discontinued Noritake collection or the replacement stock.

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