Croatia Honeymoon Destinations

Looking for the perfect Croatian honeymoon destination?. Whether it’s Dubrovnik, Cavta or Korcula, Croatia is perfect for honeymoons. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Croatia is one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners, particularly because its scenic beauty has not been spoiled. There are many options available ranging from beaches, ancient monasteries, spas, water sports, dinners at five star hotels and shopping from local markets. A perfect for the newly weds to learn about culture while being pampered.

Honeymoon Resorts

All the resorts in Croatia are serene and soothing. Some give an insight into the country’s history while others offer a day out by the clear sparkling waters to relax you enough to make you forget about your hectic lives. Some of the ‘must see’ resorts are as follow.

Dubrovnik Honeymoons

This is one destination that will be offered in every package that heads to Croatia. Listed by world heritage sites for its natural beauty and well preserved political and cultural history., sight seeing tours includemonasteries, churches, renaissance palaces and markets. It should not be missed at any cost.


Fan experience that combines the sun and sea to sooth you awaits in Cavtat. If you are looking for exciting adventures, then try water sports such as scuba diving, sailing and jet skiing. In Cavtat there are restaurants, galleries, as well as plenty of picturesque cafes.


The go to resort for couples who love the sea. With nearly 200 beaches and bays that bring you closer to nature, they are the most romantic sandy beaches that you will come across.


Opatija is a destination ideal for those who want to be treated with luxury and grandiose. It reminds of the monarchy by the architecture of the hotels which were once spacious villas. It is a quiet spot that attracts older couples who are not on official honeymoon.


There are numerous travel guides, companies and agents that offer honeymoon packages between 5 to15 days including sightseeing guided tours, hotel reservation, tastings and dinners. You also have the choice to design your customized package based on which destinations you want to see, your budget and time.


Again different travelers set these differently based on the total duration. If the stay is longer then a day or two can be spent at each resort whereas week long trips cover more resorts by traveling more than one place per day and staying for one night only.

So for example a twelve day visit may start from Zagreb then cover Opatija, Plitvice Lakes, Zadar, Split, Trogir, Krka Falls, Dubrovnik, Cavtat, Korcula and back to Dubrovnik.

A one week trip can be start from Split and end at Dubrovnik to cover the Dalmatian coast and islands. Short and timely visits will be made to Hvar town, Pakleni islands, Korcula town and back to Dubrovnik.

Before you finalize your honeymoon package, try to research a little to know what each destination offers and what your preferences are. This will help you should choose a tour that you and your special partner will enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

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