Croatian National Symbols

Croatia has a few national symbols. To learn more about where you can see these national Croatian symbols read our guide for more facts & information…

Every country has national symbols that identify that country. National symbols tell a story about the country, a nation and its people. National symbols reflect the outlook of the citizens towards life, their aspirations and serve as signs for unifying their people. It is national symbols that make people proud of their country.

The Croatian Flag

The most recognizable national symbol of Croatia is its flag. As is the case with every other country, a flag is the predominant national symbol which is legally recognized by the comity of nations. In fact, you cannot be a member of the United Nations if you do not have a flag. The flag has a striking red-white-blue background with the Croatian Coat of arms in the centre.

Our Beautiful Homeland – The Croatian national Anthem

Croatia’s national anthem, Our Beautiful Homeland serves to rally its people and is the most recognizable national symbol alongside its flag. The lilting melody brings pride to every Croatian heart and listeners marvel at the stridency of its notes.

The Croatian Coat of Arms

The Croatian Coat of Arms that adorns its national flag is the next best recognized national symbol. This coat of arms has a red and white checkerboard main shield with five small shields forming the crown. The Croatian Coat of Arms has been around since the early 15th century and it denotes the rich history of the land and its Hapsburg ancestry.

The 101 Dalmatians

Remember the sweet lovely Walt Disney blockbuster, the 101 Dalmatians? Well the lovable breed of dogs that Cruella De Ville wanted turn into her fur coat have their origins in Dalmatia, a province of Croatia.  The Dalmatian is the national animal of Croatia and the sleek lines of this magnificent animal symbolize the energy and verve of the Croatian people as also their friendly nature.

The Beautiful Blue Iris

The beautiful blue iris also called as Iris Croatica is the national flower of Croatia that proudly adorns every balcony and balustrade in quaint Croatian villages and towns. The brilliant violet-blue shade of the flower gives an exhilarating feeling to those who see it.

As Resilient as a Croatian Oak

An Oak tree reminds you of resilience, sturdiness and reliability. It is precisely for this reason that Croatians have chosen the Slavonian Oak as its national tree. The Slavonian Oak is a Croatian national symbol that represents the strength of the Croatian nation and their ability to withstand any adversity or storms of life that may come their way.

St. Joseph, the National Saint of Croatia

St. Joseph is the patron saint of Croatia. His benevolent and beatific smiling face watches over the Croatian people and reminds them of the importance of selfless devotion and sacrifice.

These are the national symbols of Croatia that you certainly will encounter on your trip to this wondrous land.

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