Swedish Crispbread

Swedish crispbreaad is a healthy snack which is rich in fiber. If you want a healthy snack, carry a pack of crispbread with you. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Swedish crispbrad is a part of the Scandinavian food heritage.  Swedes have been munching and crunching crispbread for over two centuries.  Usually served in the Midsummer and Christmas, the Swedish crispbread is a perfect partner with herring and cheese.

Crispbread has a long shelf life.  As a result, housewives would bake batches and batches of crispbread twice a year.  Given the seasonality, housewives would make Swedish crispbreads during summer to last until they make another batch at Christmas time.  Today, people who are diet-conscious and health enthusiasts, love the crispbread for its rich source of fiber.

It is fairly easy to make your own batch of Swedish crispbread.  To make twelve round cakes, you will need 50 grams of yeast, 0.5 pounds of lukewarm water, 1 pound of rye or oatmeal flour, 400-500 ml. of wheat flour and 1 teaspoon of salt.  Dissolve yeast in water and add the rest of the ingredients. Let dough rise for 40 mins. Roll out as thinly as possible, cut round cakes and place them on a tray. Prick cakes with a knitting needle, golf peg or similar. Leave to rise for 30 mins. Bake at minimum 250 degree celsius for 3-4 minutes, turn the cakes over and bake for another 2-3 minutes. The traditional shape is large rounds with holes in the middle – the holes are actually for storage, because these were traditionally hung on a stick, from the ceiling.

Crispbread can be bought in local supermarkets and bakery shops.  Swedish crispbread is yummy and the crispy feeling is kind of addicting. It is suitable to eat together with the dinner meals and especially soup.

Another delicious treat with crispbread is to add potatoes with onion and garlic on top of the crispbread while enjoying a good movie at night.  The crisp texture of the bread combined with the soft and tasty flavor of the potatoes au gratin is a perfect midnight snack. Or you can also try a light lunch of Swedish crispbread with cream cheese and smoked salmon.  Being healthy never tasted this good.

Swedish cripspbread is a staple in any Swedish household.  It is one food that people of the Scandinavian region always crave for when they are away from home.  One can get packs of crispbreads in supermarkets but nothing beats homemade Swedish crsipbreads.

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