Croatian Tattoos Designs

Thinking about getting a Croatian tattoo? Read our guide for ideas on some of the best tattoo designs from Croatia…

Tattoos are distinctive patterns or designs used by a group of people, a tribe or a clan to distinguish them from others. Tattoos are thus a badge of recognition like army insignia. Tattoos also served the purpose of striking terror in the hearts of adversaries. This was especially true in the case of tribes where elaborate tattoos, covering almost the whole body were used as ‘war paint’ or even as camouflage. In modern times, gangs have used tattoos to distinguish their members from others gangs. Tattoos today have come a long way from their sinister use and most are used for decorative purposes and for remembering near and dear ones. The success of ‘Miami Ink’ points to the endearing popularity of tattoos. However, most tattoos today have become stale; they all look the same, but not Croatian tattoos designs.

Unique Croatian Tattoos Designs

Croatian tattoos retain their unique look because the world is still discovering the gems that are hidden in Croatia.   The most popular ones are the Croatian Cross tattoos. These unique striking tattoos hark back to the Celtic era and are distinctive with their ‘Viking’ look. You can also get full tattoos of ‘coat of arms’ which were used by the Knights Templars in their crusades across Europe. The Croatian Cross is rather simple to make; it is basically two rectangles perpendicular to each other forming a cross with a colourful ribbon across, which gives the tattoo its beautiful clean minimalist look.

Croatian Shields for your Shoulder

The other Croatian Tattoos designs that are popular are Croatian shields. These tattoos are best displayed on the shoulder and are just right for those who wish to commemorate the memories of brave Croatian soldiers. These tattoos even have a sci-fi look, a la ‘Klingon’ from Star Trek. The Croatian Coat of Arms is striking tattoo design with its red and white checkerboard shield and a five plate crown. These are extremely popular amongst Croatian youth.

Unique Croatian Tattoo Designs for Women

Certain old clans in Croatia still have traditional catholic tattoos decorating their forearms. These are found on the hands of pious ladies depicting their faith in Jesus. Some are beautiful intricate circular patterns that serve as good luck charms to guard against the ‘evil eye’. Yet other traditional Croatian Tattoos designs have simple floral patterns that adorn the hands of Croatian women. These are uni-color tattoos, usually green, and are beautiful to look at in their simplicity.

Best Place to Get Croatian Tattoos Made

Where do you get the best Croatian Tattoos Designs made? In Zagreb of course! Zagreb has some of the best Croatian tattoo artists. Here all the traditional Croatian tattoo designs are available that are made by true professionals who know the history of the land and thus lend an extra air of authenticity to your tattoo rather than have it etched in some sidewalk shop in New York. Croatian tattoos are unique, simple and great designs to adorn your body so go ahead and get one made.

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