Tourist Safety in Croatia

Travelling to Croatia as a tourist and want to know more about tourist safety? Then read on!

Crine rates in Croatia are very low when compared to crime rates in the UK.  As such, tourists are generally safe when visiting.
It is extremely rare that a tourist would be singled out for attack, violent or otherwise, on the basis of their nationality.


Clearly, pickpocketing happens in all countries – particularly in tourist areas, and as such Croatia is not immune.


There have been incidences in Croatia, involving gangs who stage roadside emergency incidences and then proceed to rob anyone who stops to offer assistance.  Clearly, this is a significant safety risk to tourists and you should be extremely careful about stopping to offer help.  To protect your safety, it is suggested that you call for emergency help using your mobile and provide the location.
For extra safety whilst in Croatia, do not carry large amounts of money.  It recommended that you arrange for your money to be accessed via cash points / travellers cheques etc. whilst you are travelling.

Always keep your passport and other valuable documents with you.  It is recommended that you have any important material photocopied and that you keep them separate in the event that anything is stolen from you.  Please note that whilst in Croatia, you are obliged to report a missing or lost passport as soon as you realise that it has gone missing.  Your safety and identity may be at risk if a criminal knows that you are carrying such documents as they carry high values on the blackmarket.  Therefore, always keep them hidden, yet secure.

Consider padlocks or other locking devices for your baggage to ensure safety of your goods and belongings whilst travelling in Croatia.
When checking into a hotel in Croatia ensure you give any valuables to the hotel to be kept in the hotel safe – this will ensure that your belongings are kept safely.

Accepting Food or Drinks

As with the UK, it is extremely important that you protect your safety by refusing any offers of food or drink from people that you do not know in Croatia.  The reason for this being that there are recorded incidences in Croatia of people being targetted for criminal activity having had their food or drink laced with drugs.

Visiting ‘Gentleman Bars’ and Cabarets

‘Gentleman bars’ or ‘cabarets’ can seriously compromise the safety of tourists  as it is not unknown for extortionate amounts to be demanded for drinks – sometimes in the £1,000’s.

Unexploded Landmines

The biggest safety concern for tourists in Croatia is the number of unexploded land mines which remain in the non tourist areas.  Mine affected areas are well marked and display the international landmine symbol.  Ensure that you check whether or not an area is affected prior to travelling there.

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