Danish Desks

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Denmark is popular around the world for the many products it produces – mostly edible. However Danish design and craftsmanship is also one of its winning features.  Since the mid 20th century there have been many artists and craftsmanship who have created unique and individual designs for furniture. The desk is an important item of furniture in offices and home studies. A desk is a place where all work is done and must therefore be satisfying for the desk owner. There are a number of Danish desk types available to choose from.

Classic Vintage Desks

One of the most popular desks of olden times was the classic vintage rosewood and teak Danish desk. These type of desk dates back as far as the 1960’s. The basic design of these desks was simple. There was a set of drawers usually three, at both sides and the space in between was left blank. Four thin legs usually supported the desk. These types of desks were mostly available in either rosewood or teak material. Now they are usually considered antiques and are often seen in old studies and libraries.

The small vintage Danish desks are available of around 100 cm to 105 cms and date back to around 60’s and 70’s. The design of these desks is somewhat similar to the classic vintage design except that instead of both sides the set of drawers are only on the left side of the desk. This type of desk is also supported by four long thin legs. There are numerous designers who copy the classic design and present them in a modern style by making a few minor changes in the design such as adding a glass top or carvings to the legs.

Desk Chairs

The basic concept of desk is incomplete without a desk chair. There are many different types of desk chairs available from the classic styled to the modern designs. The Flessas design is a classic 1960’s Z shaped chair. It is made of teak and leather and can be used as a desk chair as well as a side chair. Another type of a desk chair is the 1960’s vintage classic rosewood Danish desk chair. The desk chairs are available in teak and rosewood classic 1960’s designs and go well with the old vintage desks of Old Danish designs. The particular Danish design for chairs was four thin yet firm legs and two armrests on either side with either a cloth of leather seat and back.

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