Tried And True Danish Oil

Want to buy tried and true Danish oil? Read on for an overview of Danish oil products by Tried and True Danish Oil…

Tried and True is a premium quality brand that deals in a variety of wood finishes, varnishes and oils. One of their best and most popularly used wood finish oil is Danish Oil. It is a pure, excellent quality and lightly polymerized linseed oil. It is a highly refined, 100% solids and solvents free oil; and it contains no heavy metal driers. It gives a coverage of 600 sq. ft/gallon and is an efficient and eco-friendly product.

The oil penetrates onto the surface of the wood quickly and produces a beautiful satin finish. It can be used on cabinets, desks, chairs, tables, interior woodwork or exterior wood work, window frames, doors and fine furniture, cutting boards, kitchen ware and children’s furniture.

Tried and True Danish Oil use conventional and contemporary ideas to create the best quality oil finishes. They also use the best techniques, processes and the top quality ingredients to make wood finishes which are environmentally safe, without compromising on quality, durability or safety.  Tried and True Danish Oil is easy and hassle free to use and is economical to consumers. They use a wide range of premium quality interior finishing products which are created from linseed oil-solvent free and food safe.

It is very easy to use Tried and True Danish Oil. The simple procedure is to first apply a thin coat on the surface; keep in mind a very light coat. Let the Danish Oil absorb onto the surface of the wood for about 5-6 minutes, after which wipe off the surplus. Then leave aside to buff dry. Now recoat the same surface again in about 24 hrs. Make sure you dispose of the wiping cloths/rags according to the instructions on the back.

For most applications, the standard is to use about 2-3 coats on the surface. Danish Oil will strengthen on the surface after 3 coats, but it will not further increase shine. Always remember that with this oil finish, as with other oil finishes too, you have to remove all the excess before it has dried. Wipe with a soft dry cloth after the finish has set for a short while. It shouldn’t be given a chance to build any real film on the surface, otherwise that film would tend to become gummy.

Now you are good to go with your furniture piece. For maintaining that wood surface, you don’t have to worry much. The oil will get harder and more durable with time. But just in case, once in a while, clean the surface with a soft cloth. Interior furniture will not be a big hassle. Exterior furniture might need your occasional attention.

Tried and True Danish oil is completely safe, and derived from plants and sustainable agricultural resources. It offers the homemaker, architect and builder a comprehensive and a convenient approach to maintaining interior wood while also enhancing the durability and bringing out the beauty of the wood. Tried and True Danish Oil is superior in performance and is the best name when it comes to Danish oil and other wood finishes as compared to the conventional market competitors.

Tried and True Danish Oil finishes are packaged in steel cans. All material used is recyclable, hence these cans are recycled with your other household products. The FDA approves of Tried and True Danish Oil as “safe for food contact surfaces”

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