Annual Rainfall Nice France

Checking the weather for your vacation to Nice France? we’ve got information on annual rain, temperature & humidity in Nice France right here.

Situated on the Côte d’Azur, the Mediterranean coastline of Southern France, between Marseille and Genoa, the City of Nice has a Mediterranean climate with warm temperatures and only mild annual rainfall. Snow is a rarity and temperatures only drop below freezing point once or twice a year. It is quite windy in Nice especially during the unstable and changeable Spring. Partly due to the fact that Nice faces South and being sheltered by the Pyrenees and Alps, it gets very hot in Summer although the sea breeze does alleviate the heat somewhat. This hot and sunny climate makes the City very popular as a Tourist destination (second after Paris) to which the City plays host to over 10 million per year.

 Temperatures Nice france

Official temperatures at Nice are taken at the Côte d’Azur International airport (NCE) and, due to the Sea air and winds blowing in from the Var Valley, are different to the actual temperatures recorded in the town itself. Daytime temperatures at the airport are a little higher than the town while night time temperatures are a lot lower. The difference between the two temperatures can vary by as much as 6°C. Going by temperatures recorded between 1971 and 2000 at the Airport weather station, the average daily temperature during the coldest month, January, was 9.1°C, the average daily temperature during the hottest month, August, was 23.6°C. The annual average temperature varies between a minimum of 12°C and 19.2°C giving an annual overall average temperature of 15.6°C. In 2006 during the European Heat Wave a record temperature of 37.7° was recorded on 1 August at Nice.

In the department of Alpes-Maritimes where Nice is located it is the rainfall that slightly spoils the area’s climate. Rain comes in quite intense downpours, especially in October, and only occasionally so droughts are not unheard of, this lack of rain is due to the anticyclone from the Azores. Between 1971 and 2000 the average annual rainfall in Nice was 803 mm with 143.9 mm recorded in October. A drought occurred in 2001 when only half the average annual rainfall fell, 421.8 mm with a maximum in January that year of only 97 mm.

 Humidity in Nice France

The humidity level is quite high as are the quantity of hours of sunshine in Nice. During the year 2001 2,887.2 hours of sunshine were recorded (1,000 of those during the summer months) although the average recorded between 1971 and 2000 is 2,667.2 hours of sunshine per year. Fantastic weather for sunbathing!

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