Argenterie Paris Silver

Want to learn more about Argenterie Paris? Read on to find out about this unique silver museum of Paris…

Argenterie refers to silver in the French Language and the most famous reference to Argenterie Paris can be made by the Petit Musée de l’Argenterie. This is a privately owned and operated museum located in the Ateliers du Cuivre et de l’Argent, Viaduc des Arts in Paris, France.

Argenterie Paris Revealing Eccentric Pieces of French Lifestyle

Paris is a beautiful tourist destination and a renowned fashion capital of the world. With its vast historical connection preserved in cultural museums, it is synonymous with culture, class and romance and offers visitors an opportunity to explore specialty boutiques, ancient historical sites, architecture, and historical destinations, along with an opportunity to indulge in French cuisine.

Every traveler who visits Paris takes away lasting memories of their getaway of a lifetime in Paris. With history stemming from the third century onwards Paris offers an exceptional cultural experience.

Argenterie Paris the Silver Museum in Paris

The museum is designed as a memorial to silver artifacts and is located at 109-113, Avenue Daumesnil, Paris, France. It is open for visits by the general public during the week and is closed on Sundays and public holidays. Admission is open to all but there is a fee applicable for all visitors.

 Argenterie Paris Collection of Interesting Silverware

The quaint collection of silver items in the museum attracts many visitors during their visit to Paris. The charming but small collection comprises of silver tableware, tea sets, tobacco cases, wine glasses covered in silver, chop holders, marrow pullers, pomanders and mustache spoons along with a combination of knife and fork for a one armed person.

Argenterie Paris Museum Tour

Argenterie Paris is home to a collection which gives testimony to the elegance and class of yesteryears in Parisian lifestyle. The tour of the Argenterie Paris or the Silver Museum is initiated with a visit to the workshop where you can see skilled craftsmen create exquisite silver pieces in front of your eyes.

Visitors at the Argenterie Paris are then escorted by the tour guide into the areas which house the collection of a myriad of silver ware. From table ware to hunting and travel there are seven themes in all. This section features unusual items like the telescopic fork among other things.

The French film is then aired to introduce visitors at the Argenterie Paris to the work on copper or leather, part of the traditional crafts of French culture.

Argenterie Paris Collection of Curios

Argenterie Paris is a hallmark and monument to the eccentric life style of the French nation. The curios available in the museum are of course made of pure French silver. Silver can be identified and traced back to its make by checking the hallmark on the item. Hallmarks are basically defined as marks belonging to the silversmith who create individual pieces like tableware, forks, knives and spoons, plates and silver jewelry, personal care items like hairbrushes and combs.

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