Benodet France

Want to know more about Benodet, France? Read on for facts and info on this popular tourist destination in France…

Benodet is a family resort situated on the mouth of the Odet river. The surrounding location is shaped like the Breton Inlets with a beautiful lake that narrows down between the gorges. Benodet can be reached via boat from Quimper. The resort promises plenty of fun filled activities for children along with beachside nurseries and a long strip of sheltered ocean side.

France has paid much attention to developing Benodet and have transformed it into a tourist magnet. The region now houses a number of specific hotels such as the hotel restaurant Le Minaret. This hotel is set in a rather odd looking building but has the pristine location at the sea front on the corniche de l’Estuaire. The Bains de Mer is yet another worth visiting hotel in the region.

This tourist haven has a number of large campsites promising lots of outdoor fun to offer. In fact there is no other place in France that comes close to Benodet in terms of the campsites that it has to offer. Amongst the well renowned campsites and the region is Du Letty. This site is enormous and regarded as a four-star campsite situated southeast of the village next to the Plage du Letty on rue Du Canvez.

Benodet has a rather rocky coast extending eastward. You will also be able to witness deep valleys on the coastline. The region does not have a town as such but comes across in the shape of a loose network of small villages. Another new tourist attraction by the name of Fouesnant has been developed nine kilometers away from this place and is set to become a rival to Benodet. However this region is a rather steep hill that is very difficult to overcome. Currently many new hotels are being constructed in the region.

Benodet sits on the mouth of the Odet river along the Finisterre coastline. This places it at 10 miles distance from Quimper and Concarneau. Benodet has served as a port town for over 100 years. Today it boasts a family friendly sandy beach which attracts people from all over as well as a great number of rocky coves and many serene beaches to explore. Amongst the nearby beaches are Beg Meil, Mousterlin and Kermoor.

The harbor itself is worth appreciating and the surrounding countryside also has many joyful experiences to offer. You can expect a lot of exquisite seafood restaurants along the coastline. Being a popular tourist resort Benodet is often a favorite place to get a second home for the locals. There are no such major sites in the region to explore but there are a great number of pleasant experiences that Benodet has to offer. The lighthouse with the tall tower is one of the must see locations in the port town from where you can get a beautiful overview of the coast.

Most visitors to the region make it a point to take a boat trip to the close by Glenan Islands as well as the boat trip on the river Odet.

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