Best Paris Flea Market

Are you going on holiday to Paris? Would you like to do some shopping at one of the flea markets in Paris? Our guide tells you where the best flea markets in Paris are.

No matter what district of Paris you happen to find yourself in, you’ll never be far from a flea market. Paris is renowned for the liveliness of its flea markets where you can pick up absolutely anything from an old book to flowers to fabric to chandeliers. Shopping at a Paris flea market can be an excellent alternative to the uniform shopping experience that modern day supermarkets have become. The sights, sounds and potential for finding a little treasure always adds an air of excitement to shopping at a flea market in Paris.

Paris Flea Market Opening Times

Very few flea markets in Paris are open every day of the week. In fact almost all flea markets in Paris open only one or two days a week. Most flea markets in Paris are easy enough to find as they are situated just off main roads that are frequented by tourists, often due to the fact that there’s an interesting Paris museum or landmark nearby.  Flea markets generally open in the morning with stall owners setting up as early as 6am. Once open the flea market will run well into the late afternoon which is when the best bargains can be had.

Paris Flea Market Size

Although Paris flea markets vary in size, you can generally expect to see a couple of hundred stalls spread out over a few hundred meters. Stall owners are as different as the things they sell, with everyone from young married couples to old farmers plying their trade at the flea market. Shopping at a flea market in Paris really can be great fun and an excellent opportunity to practice your French, even if it’s only a few words. In general, you’ll find the service at flea markets in Paris friendly and helpful.

Precise opening times for flea markets across Paris vary. However, there’s always at least one open every day of the week including Sunday, which is when some of the best flea markets are open. For precise opening times for flea markets check out the schedule published at the local district city hall.

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