Double French Horn Pricing

Even if you are looking for a specific French horn, it is best to learn about the double French horn pricing first. Read our guide for more facts and information…

It is advisable that anyone looking for a French horn should spend a little time researching about the prices of the horns available in the market.

Whether you are on a budget or have enough savings to splurge on an expensive French horn, it is best to know which horns fit your budget, your needs as a player and lastly the quality.

Comparing the prices of the double French horns will help you understand your need as a player. If you are a beginner or simply consider playing the horn as a hobby then a French horn in the lower or middle range will suit you. For the serious or professional players it is better to choose a pricier horn which comes with better quality and enhanced playing experience.

Although price is not the only determining factor of quality and reliability yet it is generally a fact that the more reputable and known brands are more expensive. Now let’s dive into the comparison.

The cheapest horns

The cheapest French horns on the market are generally the imported varieties which are mostly manufactured in China or Taiwan. The retailers purchase these horns in bulk from the manufactures.

These French horns are of average quality unlike the horns from famous instrument companies where a lot of money and time is invested in research as well as the craftsmanship of the horns.

The imported varieties are copies of the popular branded horns as they are manufactured in similar fashion. However they do not come with any warranty, return or refund scheme.

The horns made in China are the first preference of those on a tight budget as are available for a range of prices under $400. College students, beginners, anyone playing the horn as a hobby or just for fun should ideally purchase these.

The medium-priced horns

These are the horns that come with above average quality and are the choice of the majority of the players.  The medium ranged horns include Getzen, Eastman, Maestro as well as Maxtone. They generally lie more then $800 up to $1500.

They are preferred by many as they fit into most budgets and the horns are made with more effort and deliver good sound, intonation and pitch. Any of these horns is a good purchase for someone who has a reasonable budget and wants quality as well.

The expensive brands

The horns which cost the most are the ones sold by the renowned companies such as Conn, King, Yamaha, Holton and Jupiter. These companies have established their name in the market over the years. They are known for the quality they deliver as well after sales customer service. Musicians place their trust in these names when they are purchasing an investment piece. These horns will cost from $1500 up to $2500.

Now that you know the price range of the French horns, you can make an informed decision based on your needs and requirements.

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