Eurostar Breaks Paris

Want to learn more about Eurostar breaks in Paris? Read our guide for facts and info on one of the best ways to visit Paris…

The ideal way to see Europe on a budget is to register for the Eurostar Breaks Paris trip and make the most of your vacation without being strapped for cash. The balmy summer in Paris is an ideal time to enjoy party, picnics and parades.

The city is in party mode with the Bastille Day celebration, and there are many citywide picnics and fireworks to take in without spending too much. You can enjoy the fire station parties and then enjoy an evening on the man-made city beach called the Paris Plage.

Why not enjoy the Tour de France by joining in the last leg of the race on your bicycle and cycle down the Champs-Elysees. Eurostar Breaks Paris even have a downloadable tour guide map which allows you to see most of the city on a budget.

Eurostar Breaks Paris Stations for Travel

Eurostar Breaks Paris recommends that you start your journey from London’s St. Pancras station and enjoy a smooth cross-country journey without any strain.

From this starting point you can be on your way to the journey on a high-speed Euostar and arrive in Paris at Gare du Nord in just two hours and 15 minutes. However it is best to start your journey with a little preparation.

The other stations that you can use for your Eurostar Breaks Paris are the Ebbsfleet International which is easily accessible for those living in the Southeast. Or you can use Ashford international, Kent which is a trusted station and you arrive in Paris around 30 minutes earlier than that from St. Pancras. You will arrive in Paris at the Paris Gare du Nord which is the end destination. Eurostar’s clean and modern end destination in the heart of Paris is one of Europe’s busiest stations.

Eurostar Breaks Paris Educates Travelers to Tread Lightly

When using Eurostar Breaks Paris you will come across the initiative to educate travelers on how to tread lightly thereby minimizing the impact of their carbon footprint.

You can hire a bike from the 24 hour rental services, when you arrive at the Paris Gare du Nord. This service allows you to drop off the bike once you have used it at different vantage points throughout the city.

These bikes are also available in electric for your convenience and ease. You can use the urban bullet train on Metro to cover large areas of the city. There are many friendly taxi drivers available outside the station and you can enjoy a quick and nutritious meal at one of the moderately priced restaurants surrounding the station.

Eurostar Breaks Paris Tips – Travel to Paris

You should buy tickets to cover the entire duration of your trip and it will cost you less than what it would if you were to purchase individual tickets. The normal one is called carnet de dix which is a pack of 10 tickets and is very economical. The station also has left luggage facilities, and as mentioned earlier you can hire a bicycle from Velib which is a self-service bike hiring service.
Make sure you are carrying small change on your Eurostar Break as you would need it for luggage trolleys, payphones, and toilet and ticket machines at the Metro.

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