French Angora Rabbits

Do you want to pet a French angora rabbit? Do you want to breed French angora rabbits for fur or meat? Read this informative guide to help you make a decision…

For the better part French angora rabbits look like little fur balls. They are the largest among all angora rabbits and can weigh between 7 ½ pounds to 10 ½ pounds when fully grown. However a healthy adult angora rabbit should weight around 8 pounds. Even though French angora rabbits are known for their fluffy fur coat which produces a lot of wool they require very little maintenance. These rabbits are either bred for their meat or for their wool. What makes them ideal for meat is the fact that their bodies are well nourished and strong and have firm flesh over a sturdy frame.

However as wool breeders they are even better than as meat providers. Their bodies except for a few parts are completely covered by dense wool. The only parts of the body that are not coated with fur are the stomach and the ears. Ideally their wool should be coarse guard hair which actually towers above the crimpled under wool. If they are being raised for their wool proper maintenance and grooming is essential. Even though the animal is low maintenance but if groomed at regular intervals you can be sure that the wool is free of mats, web and felting.

The animal’s front toes up to the ankle joint will usually be free of wool while the hind limb will have a light coating of wool up to the hock joint. The toe nails of French angora rabbits matches the color of their body that is white toe nails on white rabbits and colored on colored rabbits. The ears will either be free of wool or tufted. These little rabbits can produce a lot of wool for their small oval shaped bodies since the growth of wool can easily reach 6 inches. All that you would need though is 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches.

Their maintenance program should include blowing once or twice a week to keep the long wool in good condition. Regular maintenance of these animals will not only ensure that the wool stays in good condition but will also lead to good personalities in the rabbits. French angora rabbits are just like all other mammals and warm blooded animals they respond to your touch and if they are handled often they get used to the touch and respond to it gently. You would generally clip the rabbits not more than two to three times a year. This will lead to a smooth level of wool production. French angora rabbits are available in a variety of colors from pristine white to solid colors and even broken patterns with a combination of colors.

Even though their primary purpose is that of wool and meat producers they also make good pets with their cute looks and gentle nature.


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