French Bedroom Furniture

Interested in French bedroom furniture? Read our guide for facts and info on traditional French bedroom furniture…

Take a trip back in time with this all-time classic provincial French armchair. This particular armchair provides you with comfort and style at the same time. It has been meticulously crafted in mahogany and then hand finished by the artisans to give it the traditional distressed French white look.

The French beige linen upholstery adds further value to the design of the chair. You can incorporate the provincial linen armchair on its own or as part of a complete provincial linen bedroom furniture set.

Really Regal Chest

This is another stylish piece of French bedroom furniture with a very modernistic twist. It has been made using mahogany and has brilliant antique brass scrolling handles which are nicely complemented by traditional decorative feet. It has been painted in antique red and cream stripes that give it a very loud design. This is a unique piece of French bedroom furniture that will uplift the interior setting of your room and give it an overall smart appeal.

Parisian Dainty Bedside Table

Bedside tables are an important furniture accessory for every room. This Parisian Dainty bedside table is one of the hot favorites for homeowners with a liking for French style furniture. It is a very delicate table with a very tiny frame. Yet it has been intricately carved out of mahogany. A special hand finished carving with a distressed cream look gives the bedside table a very versatile appeal giving you the chance to incorporate it with many different styles of bedroom furniture.

Venetian Starlet Mirror

Mirrors too, are important furniture accessories for a bedroom. The Venetian Scarlet letter is a stunning creation that is meant to serve as a mantle mirror. It is modeled on the classic arch top over construction style and can be shifted over a bathroom washbasin on a bedroom wall. Venetian mirrors are regarded as being high fashion furniture accessories that were initially created by NEC and artists of the 12th century. This unique French bedroom furniture article can be incorporated in rooms of all sizes.

Fight Me Antler Chandelier

This light fixture is definitely one of the most unique things that you have ever seen. This is a very real creation that is more of an artwork. As the name suggests, it has been made out of real deer antlers. Since deer only shed their antlers annually there is only a limited supply of these unique chandeliers. The French furniture further compliments the antler chandelier with shades of dark brown and gold creating a warm glow that extends all the way to the ceiling.

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