French Chefs Sauces

Are you a foodie and would like to know about different kinds of French sauces? To learn more about the different types of sauces made popular by French chefs read our guide for more facts and information…

Sauces are different according to the times and cultures. French chef Francois La Varenne is widely credited with being the father of modern French sauces. Indeed, the French are famous for having invented what is known as ‘the mother sauce’. This concept was developed during the 1700’s.

Since those days sauces remain an integral part of French cuisine. In fact, these are not just used to top other foods, but are often used as a major component in other recipes.

Many people feel intimidated to try to make French sauces themselves in their homes. However, these can be easy to make. Because French chefs are so highly respected and have made these sauces famous people fear trying them out at home, but this shouldn’t be the case.

Different Types of Sauces

The traditional French sauces are usually categorised based on how they are made, and not by their ingredients. You will find that most of these sauces’ bases come from the ‘mother sauce’. Once a person has mastered making the mother sauce it becomes much simpler to make the many other ones.

The three main kinds of sauces made famous by French chefs are the hollandaise, the béchamel, and the mayonnaise. Once one is good at making these three the others become far less daunting.

Roux Sauces

This famous French sauce base (indeed it can be used as the main sauce) is made using melted butter. Once the butter is melted then flour is stirred into it until it is browned.

  • Sauce Blanche (which is a simple white sauce) is simply a Roux mixed with water or stock.
  • Bechamel Sauce is a Roux sauce that is mixed with milk instead of stock or water. This is perhaps one of the most famous French sauces and is even used in Italian dishes such as Lasagne.
  • Cheese Sauce is known as Sauce Mornay. This is simply a béchamel that includes cheese. This sauce is now popularly served on fish and steamed vegetables all over the world.
  • Onion Sauce is excellent over grilled meats. It is a variation of the Bechamel with onions.

The above sauces are usually served warm. Other famous sauces made famous by French chefs are served cold. Perhaps the most famous of these is mayonnaise. This is the emulsification of eggs and oil.

Ailoi is a French sauce which is the marriage between mayonnaise and garlic. This recipe was first created to go with Cod fish. However, it is delicious with meats, eggs and starch vegetables as well. And, this recipe is further developed around Christmas time to become an entire chicken or beef dish.

There are many more famous French sauces that can be experimented with. The ingredients are usually simple. It is the process that sometimes intimidated people. But, it is not just French chefs who can master these sources.

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