Getzen Double French Horns

Interested in learning about the Getzen double French horns? Then read our guide for more facts and information…

1939 marked the birth of The Getzen Company, Inc. in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. T.J. Getzen had left the Holton Company after serving there for ten years to venture out and start his own business. The business initially started as an instruments repairing company yet later expanded to manufacturing trumpets, cornets, piston bugles as well as French horns.

The Getzen Company caters to a large number of students who are newly-aspired budding musicians looking for new instruments. Keeping the budget constraints in consideration they recommend a number of things.

The company’s buying guide emphasizes that purchasing any instrument solely on the basis of price may leave the buyer with an instrument that doesn’t fit his needs.

They recommend considering things such as playability which means looking at how well the instrument is built. Second is durability which means that musical instruments may break and will need repairs. And finally fix-ability which means that any child’s instruments are bound need repairs. Some low end instruments are such that they cannot be repaired due to their poor built and can only be replaced not repaired.

Capri series

Among the Getzen product line the 561 Capri marked the much awaited return of the double French horns.  The horn was manufactured by a German company based on the requirements of the Getzen Company. These instruments come with a five year warranty. And not only are they of great quality but also come at affordable prices.

580 Capri Cornets

The Capri 580 aims to match the musician’s need of an instrument with exceptional quality and that too at an affordable price. The Capri Cornet is recommended for dedicated students who are aiming to take their playing to the next level.

The 580 Capri has a bore of 0.460 inches, a bell of 4¾” two pieces in yellow brass. The bell comes with intonation aids which include a first slide trigger and an adjustable third slide ring. The inside of the horn’s slides are of hard nickel silver.

The mouth pipe of the horn is made of gold brass while the mouth piece is a 7C Cornet. The Capri 580 is available in a clear lacquer finish and a bright silver plate.

Other optional include lever water keys, custom etching and a bright silver plate.  You can also choose from the accessories available such as the 24K Gold Plate Trim Kit which can be bought with the Getzen horn.

Getzen Company also offers warranty on the instruments. For your Capri 580 you may avail the Getzen Gold Warranty as well as their Lifetime Valve Warranty. So check with your dealer to know which applies to your purchase.

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