French Country Chandeliers

Looking to buy some French country chandeliers? Want to know the history behind French country chandeliers? Our guide to French chandeliers gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

French country chandeliers make a wonderful centerpiece for any living room. With their alluring combination of simplicity and charm, they make a wonderful conversation piece and bring a sparkle to the home. French country chandeliers are generally not as fancy or heavily loaded as English chandeliers, yet they are no less classy. French country chandeliers tend to be more open with spaces between the individual arms of the chandeliers. Traditional French country chandeliers would have featured a holder in which to place a candle stick. Unless, that’s what you want, you’ll find a wide range or differently ornamented light bulb sockets in today’s French country chandeliers.

French Country Chandeliers Design

French country chandeliers also tend to rely less on chains to support them but rather tend to hang from a single sturdy frame or cage. Of course there are variations in French chandeliers according to period and style so you may well find some French chandeliers with chains. French chandeliers usually have a fair amount of crystal which is either attached to the main stems or hangs down beneath the light bulbs. The ironwork on French country chandeliers is of an unsurpassed caliber. Stems usually have nature themes ornamentation on them which could range from leaves to flowers to grapes.

Best French Country Chandelier

One of the best known producers of French country chandeliers in France today is the Baccarat firm, which is family owned and has been in the business since the mid 1800’s. Among other things, Baccarat French chandeliers are famed for their elaborate ornamentation and long lasting products.

Buying a French Country Chandelier

There are many ways to buy a French chandelier today, and most of them don’t involve going to France. A simple search on the net provides plenty of major auction sites who have sellers specializing in French country chandeliers. However, when purchasing the chandelier make sure you have someone capable of fitting the chandelier to the ceiling properly as it takes a considerable amount of strength and skill.


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