French Fry Cutters

Do you love French fries and wish that you could make your own? Want to know how a French fry cutter can make perfect French fries? Are you interested in the different styles of French fry cutter? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Every day around the world hundreds of thousands of pounds of French fries are sold at fast food chains, restaurants, and grocery stores; these numbers however don’t include the amount of French fries that are being made at home with French fry cutters. The French fry cutter allows people to enjoy restaurant style fries in their own home without the hassle and danger of slicing potatoes by hand.  French fry cutters allow people to enjoy homemade fries with ease.

Home Use

French fry cutters are available in varying sizes and styles; for home use however, most of the fry cutters are small and either hand held or wall mounted. For home use, small French fry cutters are available at relatively low prices and are easy to use. Home use fry cutters, typically only cut one potato at a time and produce uniform fries. Even for those who struggle in the kitchen making fries is simple as the potato is placed in the cutter and then pushed through the grate—quickly producing French fries. A concern with French fry cutters, particularly those made of plastic is that over time the force of cutting the potato may cause the plastic cutting grid to break. Home use French fry cutters allow everyone to enjoy restaurant style fries in the comfort of their own home.

Industrial Use

Although French fry cutters have recently been modified for home use they were originally intended for the mass production of fries in the restaurant industry. The French fry cutters used in restaurants around the world are made of stainless steel for increased durability. Also, as restaurants must mass produce French fries, unlike the home use cutters, the industrial cutters are able to cut multiple potatoes at a time and are often automated to speed the cutting process. The Industrial use French fry cutters also are able to produce more than just straight cut fries. Many of the restaurants use fry cutters to produce curly fries, and string fries along with French fries of many varying shapes and sizes.


French fry cutters, either industrial or home use, have features to improve stability. Fry cutters that are used on counter tops are secured by rubber feet which increase stability and allow the user to use the culinary tool without unnecessary movement. Many home use cutters also have different style options for the cutting grids. The interchangeable grids allow for the user to create different sizes of fries when cutting. French fry cutters make it quick and easy for everyone to enjoy French fries anywhere.

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