French Manicure Nail Art

Want to learn more about French manicure nail art? Read our guide for facts and info on this unique way of decorating your nails…

French manicure nail art is an increasingly popular form of decorating nails. It is possible to create any design over a French manicure.

French Manicure Basics

Begin with neatly filed nails and groomed cuticles. Create the basic French Manicure look by using white or pink acrylic nail or gel nail extensions. Or you can use pink nail enamel and white polish for the tips if you want to work on your natural nails.

For the basic French manicure, use the white enamel to paint the free end of the nail with a nice curving line which enhances the shape of your nails. Cover the entire nail with sheer pink enamel either before or after you paint the white tip. This will form the base of your French manicure nail art.

French Manicure Nail Art Options

Create simple and stunning designs to accent your French manicure nail art and showcase your fingertips and toes in a beautiful way. A colorful hand painted daisy or glittery rhinestone is the perfect example of minimalistic French manicure nail art.

Another option is to use UV or fiberglass gels which are available in liquid and powder form or both. These are acrylic based and all extensions and enhancements are finished off with the white tips to get the French manicure look. Once you have progressed with the basic styles you can experiment with dried flowers, acrylic shapes, bullion beads and even colored glitter. Use your imagination to embed rhinestones, paint flowers, paste dots and streak glitter across the nails.

French Manicure Nail Art Trends

Another popular look in the French manicure category is the stunning reverse French or colored tip. This is the nail look in which the entire nail is painted white and the tip is painted pink! Conversely, you can make a combination which is a personal favorite and combine options like silver and navy blue or pink and purple. Then you can also replace the tip with colored glitter in summer parties perhaps. You can get glitter in a variety of options like regular, iridescent and slices to get the look you desire.

If you want a special theme that is nature inspired use flower sprays, dried flowers, millie fiore and leaves. You can add crushed shells, flat stones, silver and gold circles along with gold beads.

French manicure Nail Art designs can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire. from paw prints to tiger stripes and shells to lady bug, a little practice can get you on the road to creating a personal theme on the nails each time you want a new look. Take the time to create the French manicure nail art and a well done job can last up to six weeks. You can simply embed new French manicure nail art over the first design and get two designs out of the basic application.

For a designer touch use clear tips to make the design even more stunning. For example, when you turn your palm side up you can see the design through clear tips, adding an expensive designer touch to the overall look.

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