Chinese Herbs High Cholesterol

Interested in Chinese herbs for high cholesterol? Find out about the various herbs that have the power to bring down high cholesterol levels.

High cholesterol in the body can occur due to a poor diet, excess weight, stress and other such conditions. Chinese herbs offer the people suffering from high cholesterol the ideal alternative treatment option. Basically Chinese herbs help to lower cholesterol by dissolving the fat. Even though the scientific evidence of how Chinese herbs work to lower the level of cholesterol is going on the world at large is benefiting from their use.

The function of the yellow waxy substance known as cholesterol is to protect the red blood cells and transport fats along with a couple of other functions. When the level of cholesterol exceeds what is sufficient for the body then the individual is prone to develop many other severe health conditions.

Chinese herbs for the treatment of high cholesterol

Chicory root

Amongst the selection of Chinese herbs used for the treatment of high cholesterol is the Chicory root. This particular herb is endowed with choline which can help regulate the metabolism of cholesterol. The use of chicory root is usually accompanied with lime flowers, fenugreek seeds and ginger rhizome. The mixture of all these herbs can be prepared in water and the suffering individual can have up to two cups a day of this herbal remedy.


Garlic is another excellent Chinese herb that can help people suffering from high cholesterol. Medical experts suggest that garlic works to reduce low density lipoprotein level that is present in the blood. Consequently this has an effect on the cholesterol by brining it down. You can consume this Chinese herb in its raw form or purchase it in the form of pills.


Fenugreek is basically a digestive aid and can help in various other conditions as well. It is known to have the power to reduce blood sugar levels along with lowering the cholesterol level in the body. It is a potent source of an anti radiant substance known as selenium as well as silicon, iron, thiamine and sodium.

Holy Basil

This is an aromatic herb that grows many branches with a bitter and pungent taste. It is native to Suriname and India and now abundantly grows around the world. Recent medical studies have fortified the medicinal benefits of this powerful herb including its ability to bring down the cholesterol level. As a consequence it also helps to lower the blood sugar level and generally protects the system from developing negative effects due to stress.

Artichoke Leaf Extract

Artichoke leaf extract can help prevent cardiovascular diseases by lowering the cholesterol level before it reaches that level. The leaf extract has powerful antioxidants such as phytochemicals which are basically flavonoids.

Hawthorn fruit

The Hawthorn fruit needs to be sliced and dried in the sunlight in order to be made use of. It is warm in property and has a sweet and sour taste. It takes action on the stomach, liver and spleen channels. This all natural herb helps to boost the blood circulation and resolves blood stasis consequently helping to bring down the cholesterol level.

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