French Provincial Bedroom Furniture

Want to buy French provincial bedroom furniture? Read our guide for facts and info on this highly revered style of furniture…

When you think of France, the idyllic scenery of the Bordeaux vineyards and the rich flavors of the French Riviera come to mind. The French truly live well, whether it is art, food or romance, they thrive by making life beautiful, charming and comfortable. Their aesthetics are refined by good living and the starting point is their home. Centuries of great French style and décor is carried through the home making it as pleasurable as can be and one of these classic traditions is that of French provincial bedroom furniture.

French Provincial Bedroom Furniture Origins

The myriad designs that are prevalent in French provincial bedroom furniture are indicative of the different lifestyles of the French middle and lower classes during the 18th and 19th Centuries.

There was one genre catering to the wealthy merchants and land lords who desired replicas of the opulent furniture in the Kings court. The other genre comprised of aesthetic and functional furniture prevalent in the provincial or town areas. Although they are distinctly different styles, one thing remains common – the charm and grace.

With the common technique of bas relief carvings, splats, painting and the use of beautiful wood like chestnut, cherry, pear, walnut, poplar and ash, the furniture was further embellished with wrought iron and marble. Each piece is highly functional, attractive and durable.

French Provencal Bedroom Furniture Color Options

The style is comfortable and allows for casual living with many exuberant hues of color and antique charm with ease. The French Provencal theme allows you to color your world and the main theme is neutral with bright and bold accents.

The quaintly carved French provincial bedroom furniture can be used to duplicate the walls of stone and clay from old French country homes with the neutral base color of white, taupe, ivory and stone.

Then you can accent the bedroom with rusty yellow, gold, cobalt blue, deep greens and violet. The main idea is to bring the outside to the inside and replicate the sky, earth and flowers.

French Provincial Bedroom Furniture Design

The main element of the French Provencal bedroom furniture is the rustic feel. The furniture is usually hand crafted and finished in a rustic and rough manner to retain the charm and feel of the French countryside.

From sturdy and functional beds to a boudoir table and a chaise lounge, each piece is reminiscent of functionality and old country charm. The gilding and decorations carved into French Provencal bedroom furniture can reflect the elements of country living, mainly shells and flowers and fruits carved throughout the furniture from the bed head, to the chest of drawers and the doors of the closet.

The charming paneling is curved and prevents the pieces from looking rough. The most essential piece of furniture is an armoire which is a good place to keep linens and bedding. You can have a good honey color glaze to add class and charm.

The classy settee is also an essential piece in the French Provincial bedroom furniture range and again is carved in simple and ornate designs and finished off with bold upholstery.

Each piece of the French Provincial bedroom furniture follows a basic clean line of aesthetic and lends an easy country charm to the room with the elegance in design and construction.

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