French Provincial Chair White

Interested in the French provincial chair in white? Read on for facts and info on this historical tale developed and France many years ago...
French Provincial Chair

The French provincial chair is regarded as being one of the most exquisite pieces of furniture that you can incorporate in your house. It is a relatively large armchair that was developed in France at the time of the French Regency period. Over time they became popular all over Europe and now enjoy worldwide fame. The French provincial chair is at its regal best in white which happens to be the original color.

The unique chair also goes by the name of the bergere chair. Today many people incorporate French provincial chairs into a French country theme setting. As the popularity of the French provincial chair grew many new modified versions of the original were created.

The French provincial chairs with modernistic features are particularly popular amongst the masses today. The unique thing about these chairs is that they can blend in with any other design themes as well. Today you will be able to find the French provincial chair in white in many antique stores as well as contemporary furniture stores in many varieties.

French Provincial Chair Distinguishing Features

There are a number of things about the French provincial chair that distinguish it from other armchairs. As of tradition these kinds of chairs have an upholstered seat as well as an upholstered back. This seat in particular is quite a large cushion. To add to the comfort that the French provincial chair has to offer it features upholstered arms as well. The chip has a wooden frame which is left exposed so as to add aesthetic value to the design.

Intricate carvings on the French provincial chair also add further aesthetic value to its design. This creates a more ornamental feel. Floral themes with many twists and turns are commonly seen in the carvings found on these chairs. The more detailed the carvings are, the greater the value of the French provincial chair.

The wood used to create the French provincial chair gets a very different treatment depending upon the amount. At times it is left untreated to give a natural look whereas it may also be stained, gold-leafed or painted. Because of the historical importance of this chair many people like to give it an antique look.

Manufacturers are able to give it a distressed look which enhances the antique feel of the chair. Traditionally the upholstery of the chair was made using silk. However today you will be able to find it in many different materials including leather. The classic French provincial chair in white was rather oversized, well stuffed and very inviting.

Today you will find people assigning a fixed place in the interior decor to the French provincial chair. Traditionally these chairs were meant to be mobile and could be transferred to any place where guests needed to be entertained. Ideally a setting would be composed of 2 to 3 French provincial chairs so as to encourage socialization.

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