Crystal Cove Beach California

Interested in the Crystal Cove Beach in California? Read ahead and discover the amazing state parks of Crystal Cove Beach in California…

The Crystal Cove beach in California is part of the Crystal Cove State Park. Being 3.2 miles of beautiful beach country it has 2400 acres of untouched woodlands. This offers the amazing opportunity of a variety of hiking and equestrian trails. In fact the offshore water in this region is demarcated as an Underwater Park and Marine life Preserve.

The main activities include scuba and skin diving, who are frequent, in the waters off shore, and bicycling many of the trails through the mountains. It has the perfect beaches for surfers and swimmers alike. in fact tourists and visitors actually enjoy discovering the Sandy Cove and experiencing the tidal pools.

About the Crystal Cove State Park in California

The park stretches over 3 miles of coast line, and offers lush views of the Pacific Ocean. It has open bluffs, woody canyons, and offshore waters creating an underwater park. You can enjoy both land and water based activities. These include mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, and fishing. The water based activities include skin diving, scuba, and sunbathing along with swimming and surfing.

There is the wonderful expanse going in land to the North and the East of the Pacific Coast Highway. This is used by the hikers who can trail along the hillside and canyons all the way to the campsite. This would allow you to be based in the greatest population centers of America but be disconnected visually and otherwise from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach and there are safety regulations for visiting the coves and tidal pools. For those looking to swim in the ocean there are basic guidelines issued by the park. If you are caught in a rip tide you must swim parallel to the shore until you are free. Children must be supervised as the currents are rough and flotation devices may easily be lost in the sharp and choppy waters. It is recommended to swim in groups and close to life guards.

Crystal Cove Beach Accommodation

You can get access to a wonderful cottage for accommodation in the Crystal Cove State Park. There is an entire historic district that is in the heart of the beach city. You can choose from town house cottages to the individual and independent cottages. Not only will you have private accommodation but also gorgeous ocean views in a historical setting.

Crystal Cove Beach History

This was actually a beach colony constructed by the Dutch and European settlers. In the 1930s and 40s it was revamped as the seaside colony, and made an enchanting escape for those looking at a unique experience.

The cottages are still standing today, and 21 have been restored to the perfect historical site. It is possible to make your own accommodations while you’re visiting the State parks. You can enjoy fishing and swimming along with hiking. There are, also, exquisite meals for you to enjoy at the wonderful cafés in the area.

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