French Roll Hairstyle

Do you want to experiment with the French roll hairstyle? Have you always found the French roll hairstyle alluring but didn’t know how to make it? Read our step by step instructions to learn the French roll hairstyle…

The french roll is another popular, sophisticated and elegant hairdo from the salons of Paris. This hairdo is a neat yet classic way of holding your hair up. It is very easy to do and all you are going to need are some bobby pins a tail comb and a normal hair brush or comb and you should be all ready to start.  The hairstyle looks wonderful whether you wear it to work or at a cocktail party. It is hot favorite among Hollywood starlets, prom queens and brides alike.

A simple version of the french roll can be made just with the help of a claw clip and looks far more mature and classy than a ponytail or pigtail. The hairstyle is perfect for women who wear their hair mid length or long. But even ladies with short hair that reach down four inches from the nape of your neck can go for this hairdo. As a matter of fact this hairstyle gives the perception of length. To start get everything that you are going to need together.

To start make a parting from the center to the back of your head. With the tail comb backcomb the hair about 2 cm either side of the parting. Use the brush to smooth the hair after the back combing towards this section. If you have a fringe you can leave it in the front or smooth it behind with some hair spray.

Now draw your hair back into the nape of your neck and start twisting the hair moving the pony upwards. Twist tightly and low like a pony tail. This is very important. If some of the hair doesn’t reach the twist don’t worry about it we can smooth them in later. Once you have twisted the hair into a pony tail hold it with one hand because you will need the other to put the bobby pins on. Start by pinning the top of the pony and after a few pins the twist will stay on its own and you won’t need to hold it. Check the effect with the help of a larger wall mirror and a smaller hand held mirror.

Now use the tail comb to push the small strands that may have escaped in. If your hair is wispy you can use a generous amount of hair spray to glue them in. If you have longer hair just pinning them up won’t help. In this case you will need to fold the pony tail so that it doesn’t stick out from the top of your head. Tuck this folded hair under the rest of the hair. Now use bobby pins to secure the tip of the pony tail. Also use additional pins to secure the folded seam, and your French roll is ready.

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