Italian Baby Boy Names

Expecting a baby boy? Congratulations! Looking for an appropriate Italian baby boys name? Our guide gives you the background information you want to know as well as a few suggestions and their meanings.

Italy is famous for its Pizza and pasta along with one of the world’s best soccer teams. Globe trotters too find Italy to be one of the most fascinating places to tour. The country is as unique as the shoe shaped landscape that it has. It has relics like the remains of Pompeii and of course the olive trees of Italy are not to be missed. There is however another very unique thing about Italy and that has to do with the names of people. Not just famous people but generally all people in Italy tend to have unforgettable names. In some cases these names may also be as unpronounceable as they are unforgettable. Nonetheless the names with which the Italians name their young ones truly reflect the country’s culture.

Popularity of Italian Boys Names

Lately however the trend of Italian baby names for boys has spilled outside the boundaries of the country. Intrigued by the uniqueness and meanings of the various Italian names many people are keen on naming their non Italian children with totally Italian names. You will find Italy to be rich in the diversity of its library of baby boy names. These consist of names that not only sound good and are hard to forget but have virtuous meanings almost as if they were a title being given to the baby boy. If you think about it, that’s what a name is.

Common Baby Boys Names

Agosto is one very famous Italian baby boy names. The name carries the meaning “Respected”. One wouldn’t mind calling the little one by this name now would they. Alessandro is another great example of a baby name that has a really cool sound to it and at the same time it has the meaning of one who protects and helps his fellow men. It would be great to have a baby boy with this name because when he comes to his senses you can even encourage him to act in accordance with the meaning of his name.

Religious & Historical Italian Boys Names

It may be that you are looking for a name with a modern touch but a royal heritage. In that case the name Ciro is another Italian name that has its roots in the name Cyrus who happens to be the founder of the Persian Empire. There are some names that you would want to avoid in order to save your baby boy the embarrassment when he later finds out what it means. An example of this is the name Claudio which means the lame one. Another good name that shows gratitude towards the creator is Zanipolo. Other names that celebrate the praises of the Creator are Nino which means God is Gracious.

These are just some of the interesting names that you can keep for your baby boy. The Italian library for baby boy names is extremely hard to exhaust. One must always remember that the name you choose for your young can have an influence on his personality. So choose one that has a good virtuous meaning so that it has a positive effect on his character.

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