Gites & Aquitaine Property France

Thinking of buying property in Gites & Aquitaine in France? Want to know about prices and deals on property in Gites & Aquitaine? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Aquitaine, which is located in the south west of France, is increasingly becoming an alternative to the crowded tourist resort towns on the southern coast of France. Aquitaine has many golden beaches which are just as lovely as the beaches to be found on the Mediterranean coast of France but Gites & Aquitaine are less known as tourist destinations.

Gites & Aquitaine Property Prices

Property prices in Gites & Aquitaine depend on a variety of factors. Property near to the coast is more expensive that inland properties in rural areas. Expect to pay about 150,000 Euros for a 2-3 bedroom apartment located near the beaches. Townhouses, which are not so near the beach but still near the main towns can be found for as little as 120,000 Euros. The best property deals in Gites & Aquitaine are to be found in rural villages where you can buy a large farmhouse (which will need renovation) for about 175,000 Euros.

Property & Activities in Gites & Aquitaine

Gites & Aquitaine encompass within them a diverse range of terrains and landscapes. In many ways buying a property in Gites & Aquitaine enables you to enjoy the best of two different worlds. One the one hand there are the sunny beaches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean which is perfect for surfing and other holiday activities. On the other hand, provided you’re willing to drive just a few miles inland you’ll start seeing green rolling hills, quaint French villages and most importantly excellent property at really bargain prices. Living in Gites & Aquitaine, you are only a short drive away from the Pyrenees mountains which means you can so skiing during the winter season and mountain walking or hiking in the spring and summer months.

Things to do in Gites & Aquitaine

Buying a property in Gites or Aquitaine has several attractions other than those already mentioned above. Although the best property deals in France are to be found in rural areas away from the main cities, the excellent roads in France mean you are only a short drive away from Bordeaux, the capital of the Aquitaine region of France and one of the biggest and oldest cities in the country. Not only does Bordeaux have some fine cosmopolitan dining, but there are a plethora of cultural activities to pursue including theatres, cinemas, museums and monuments.

Climate in Gites & Aquitaine

The climate in Gites & Aquitaine is generally quite moderate. Summers are long and warm with maximum temperatures hitting 35°C. Winters in this region are mild with temperatures rarely dropping below 10°C which means you’ll save on your central heating bill if you do buy a property here.

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