Russell City California Stories

Want to read stories on Russell City California? Discover the wonderful and rich history of Russell City California in stories about the town famous for its blues scene…

There are many wonderful stories on Russell City, California. The city was actually named in honor of Frederick James Russell, who was the founder of the town in 1907. The city was incorporated in 1853. It was burnt down in 1964, therefore being abandoned from then onward.

Diverse Background in Stories of Russell City California

It had a diverse population. It was populated by cultural groups from all over the world, such as migrants who arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area. The history reflects the Deep South as many African-Americans moved in this region after World War II.

Many stories dating back to Russell City, California talk about how the West Coast Blues which evolved from Delta Blues. Since 2001 Calpine has located its huge power plant in the area.

There are many movies that have been presented in collaboration with the Bay Area’s Blues Society. Since Russell City blues focuses on the birth place of the West Coast blues, it focuses on bringing back the old time flavor. It used to be a community of Latino and Filipino immigrant workers who lived within the community of Danish farmers. There many poor people jammed alongside the railroad tracks stretched from the southern Pacific region of Hayward all the way through San Francisco Bay.

Structural Elements in Russell City California

The small town consisted of African-Americans who had migrated from the South. This resulted in a constant jazz and blues scene in the region. The city was actually established just 12 minutes away from the city of Oakland. There used to be many modest homes and small farms dotting the area along the way, but this is all gone. This place used to have a downtown home community and it had clubs that had dance floors made out of dirt. The electricity was strung along the area, but a talented lot of musicians who played the unique style of the Delta blues populated this area.

The Music Scene In Russell City California

There were musicians like big Mama Thornton, Big Joe Turner and others who played Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana style Delta blues in Russell City, bringing a whole new flavor. Eventually this Delta blues music scene was influenced with the traditional sound of the local players. As a result, the harmonica of the Delta blues was replaced by the traditional sound of horns and this gave birth to the West Coast blues.

Russell City has many stories about it being a landmark and contributing towards world culture by giving a musical legacy. This unique reflection of African-American music has been revived through many events like the Hayward Russell City Blues Festival.

Even though the city has burned down, its musical legacy still survives and is constantly revived by blues fans. From the 60s you could hear the blues ranging out from morning till late night. There was a scene where musicians would focus completely on their music, and their energy resulted in a long-lasting creation.

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