How To Do A French Braid

So you already know how to do a French Braid? Would you like to learn how to do a French braid with a difference? Read our easy to follow instructions to wear the traditional French braid in a unique style…

Doing a French braid is fairly simple and with a little bit of practice you will easily be able to French braid your own hair and those of your friends but there are several innovative ways to wear this hairdo. The traditional French braid starts like a normal braid at the back of your head but you can also make a French braid head band.

A French braid headband not only looks neat but it also keeps hair away from your face. It looks very trendy and elegant and is fairly easy to make once you get the hang of the normal French braid. So start by first practicing the normal French braid so that you can make the head band easily.

For this hair do you will need a brush or a comb, a tail comb, some hair spray, hair gel, bobby pin and coated rubber bands in a color that matches the color of your hair.

Before you start wash and blow dry your hair so that they are clean and smooth. Next with the help of a brush or comb remove all the tangles and unsnarl any knots that you have in your hair. You want to start with smooth hair to get the right look.

Next you will need to make a parting. Use the tail comb for this. Start at the front of one ear and make a parting following the curve of your head till you reach the other ear. The parting should be in the shape of a head band. Once you have divided your hair into two sections pull the one behind into a loose pony tail with the help of a rubber band. This will keep them out of the way as you use the front section to make the French braid head band.

Comb the hair in the front section to make them smooth i you have short wispy hair use some hair gel to keep them in place. Now comb the hair to one side of your head that is all the hair should fall over one ear.

Take a strand from the center of this section and divide it into three parts. Start braiding your hair now using the other strands in the sections to create a French braid. The only difference is instead of making the French braid vertically like you normally would you are not braiding your hair horizontally. Work across till you reach the other ear.

Once you have braided all the hair secure the braid with a small rubber band.

If you think you still have loose hair use bobby pins to secure them back. Finally use a light mist of hair spray to keep the French braid head band in place. And your French braid head band is ready for all to see.

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