King Double French Horns

If you are considering purchasing a King double French horn then read our guide for more facts and information…

Today King horns are being made in a very little number except for the solver Eroica which is still very much in demand. Even though the King horns are older and rare pieces yet with a little maintenance and reconditioning they may serve you more than the mass produced horns of the latest brands.

The buyers of the King Eroica includes those people who wish to improvise the Hollywood appeal of the Conn 8D. Both these horns are quite similar to each other and are close copies of the original patent of Kruspe.

The high sound and appealing tone of these rare King horns allow them to be compared with latest double horns in terms of the craftsmanship, tone and price.

2269 King Double Horn

The King 2269 is made from yellow brass and is available with a brass lacquer finish.  As the 2269 is a double horn it comes with a B-flat key and F turning key.  The standard King 2269 has a 12 inches bell diameter which brings it in a category of a large throat bell while the bore measures 0.468 inches. The interior and exterior comes in hard nickel silver with clear lacquer.

The lead pipe of the King French horn was difficult to use yet now a spit valve has been added to fix this issue. The King 2269 is best suited for beginners and semi-professional horn players as the valves and slides are known to work smoothly.  The King French horn comes with a mouth piece as well as a hard case.

You can easily purchase new King Eroica instruments online that also come with varying guarantee period offers. However if you are a student or have a limited budget then you may also buy the slightly used instruments which are available at conveniently reduced prices.

The collectors can get their hands on vintage King French horns which are available online at competitive prices. The only thing to be mindful of when purchasing used or vintage instruments is the extent the actual quality and condition varies from that shown in the picture.

Before you go forth with purchase keep in consideration the details of the provided description as well as the reliability of the seller.  All that is left is to enjoy your playing experience with your King French horn.

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