Lily Of France Bras

Want to buy Lily of France bras? Looking for the perfect Lily of France bra? Read our guide for facts and info on bras from this unconventional company…

The Lily of France bras brand for women’s lingerie is not a brand that follows trends, on the contrary it is a trendsetter. For over 75 years the brand has taken women’s lingerie to higher levels of fashion, with innovative designs keeping up with the changing lifestyle trend of women.

Lily of France Bras Combine Comfort and Innovative Style

An innovative design is the X-bra which allows women to adjust their bras to achieve their desired level of cleavage. The other innovative idea is the Strappies bras. This concept uses the bra strap as an individual fashion statement on its own. This bra by Lily of France was introduced in the market as a bra with interchangeable straps. This allowed women to change their look along with the season or their mood. No matter what their look is, women can find a suitable piece of the Lily of France bra to suit their inner wear requirements perfectly. With the launch of the new push-up Lily of France bras the company itself got a lot of support on the retail side.

Lily of France Bras Collection for the Enthusiast

This brand of Lily of France bras is over 70 years old and was known for its yesteryear charm in the lingerie division spurned by the ultra feminine, frilly bras and panties, not to mention an array of foundation garments like girdles.

However, the company always reinvents itself and now has forayed into the production of modern Lily of France bras. The aim is to provide the young modern woman with essentials for her underwear drawer.

The new range of Lily of France bras aims to attract a young and hip crowd by introducing flashy and fun products which are contemporary and functional.

Lily of France bras targets the intimate apparel enthusiast which are essentially women who love to shop for lingerie on impulse, and while these women comprise of only 18% of the lingerie market they contribute to over 25% of all purchases. The Lily of France bras are preferred by those women who take keen interest in their inner wear.

Lily of France Bras Developed for Consumers

Lily of France bras created a novel new push-up bra with a twist! The X – Bra has a small cord in the front center of the bra which can be tightened or loosened by the wearer to adjust the cleavage. The cord gives a maximum width of one inch and can be fastened together for a tight décolletage. The clean lines of the products by Lily of France brand makes women come back for more of the well crafted and long lasting lingerie. Erin Brockovich a movie starring Julia Roberts was launched around the same time as the launch of the X-Bra and catapulted its sales ten fold!

Now the Lily of France bras have Strappies which are interchangeable bra straps to coordinate exposed straps with outfits. Also there are the RockOnColor bras in laser green, diva pearl, electronic turquoise, hip-hop pink, and coral to work with plunging necklines.

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