Marseille Port France

Are you docking in Marseille Port? Perhaps your Mediterranean cruise set sail from Marseille Port? We’ve got facts & information about things to do around Marseille Port on this page.

Marseille Port is one of the oldest and busiest sea ports in France. Every year thousands of commercial and private ships dock in Marseille port. Much of the produce that is imported into France from the rest of the world comes through Marseille Port.

History of Marseille Port

Marseille Port was key to the administration of France’s colonies during the days of the French Empire. The trade routes between France and the French colonies in Africa would mostly go to and from Marseille Port. Marseille port became a key strategic post of the Nazis in the Second World War, which they occupied, thus controlling trade and disallowing any allied transport of goods to go through the port. Much of the city of Marseille was destroyed during this war.

Marseille Port Fish Market

Marseille Port is a picturesque sight to behold, with hundreds of fishing boats moored in the harbor and dozens of small cafes and restaurants lining the surrounding streetsNaturally, fishing forms a large part of the commercial activity that takes place in Marseille Port. Hundreds of ships based in Marseille Port trawl the waters of the Mediterranean and Atlantic to bring back the freshest sea food. Marseille port has a large fish market located inside the actual port which is open to the public. Business at the fish market in Marseille Port starts and finishes early. You should get there in the morning if you want the freshly caught fish for dinner on the same day.

Around Marseille Port

The status of Marseille as a cosmopolitan centre of southern France owes much to Marseille Port. Almost all business of activity of any significance relies on Marseille port, even if only indirectly. Marseille is replete with fashionable clothes boutiques, restaurants and glitzy nightlife. Many of the best fashion shops are located on cours Julien, which is not far from the port. You can find international designer brands here as well as locally produced clothing.

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