Nice France Vacation

Going on vacation to Nice in France? Want to know what to see & do in Nice? Our guide gives you the facts & information about Nice that you’ll want to know.

Nice, which is located on the southern Mediterranean coast of France, Is one of the largest cities in the south of France and one of the most popular vacation destinations for tourists from Europe and the US. Every year millions of tourists come here to spend their vacation, soak up the sun, enjoy the water sports or partake in the rich historical and cultural offerings available. Aside from the many attractions that draw people to Nice, this city is also ideally located to be visited as part of a larger vacation itinerary encompassing more destinations. Just a hundred kilometers or so to the east lies the Italian border and all the charm of Tuscany while to the west of Nice are hundreds of kilometers of beach towns which collectively form the French Riviera.

Vacation Season Nice France

Nice is a pleasure to visit at any time of year. However, if you’re not comfortable with crowds then the peak summer months of July and August are best avoided. Not only do many people from other countries take their annual vacation in Nice at this time, but also many French families take their annual holidays at this time as well which means beaches will be doubly crowded and finding a good hotel at reasonable rates will be difficult. Due to the Mediterranean climate Nice enjoys, you can still enjoy the beaches all year round and just a month either side of high season can make all the difference in finding a good hotel for cheaper price.

Nice Vacation Transport

Like the rest of France, Nice has a great public transport system which is reliable, extensive and cheap. In 2007 Nice opened a tram system that is particularly well suited for short trips within the city. Otherwise the buses in Nice are good and renting a car is only really necessary if you plan to do a lot of traveling into the surrounding country side.
Walking Tours in Nice

Although Nice is an ancient city with plenty of history, most people prefer to walk along the beach and soak up the vacation atmosphere by the shore. One of the most popular strips for walking along is the Promenade des Anglais which is lined with hundreds of little shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

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