Night Time Outdoor Cafe Paris

Want to learn more about night time outdoor cafes in Paris? Read on to find out about a suitable night time outdoor café in Paris…

Night time outdoor cafes in Paris offer the perfect venue to relax in and take in the culture and beauty of Paris. There is nothing better than sitting outside a café at night and watching the evening scenes unfold in front of your eyes. It offers a charming alternative to dining inside a restaurant. Sitting outside is highly prized in a French café.

Night Time Outdoor Cafes in Paris at Famous Location

One of the most strategically located restaurants which offers outdoor seating is the Les Deux Magots, which is world-famous. It had the perfect location and is nestled right on the Blvd. St. Germain which is across from the Eglise St. Germain. It is one of the major intersections in Paris and is ideal for watching people go by. This is an expensive café but the delicious items on the menu and scenic view it offers of the typical Paris Street culture makes it worthwhile.

The arcades at Place des Vosges are home to a charming restaurant Café Ma Bourgogne which opens for lunch as well as dinner. It offers the perfect opportunity to look at passersby during the daytime and enjoy the idyllic evening offered by a good location for the night time outdoor Paris café. You can access this restaurant by walking straight from the Marias and it is at the corner of Rue des Francs-Bourgeois and faces the Place des Vosges.

Night Time Outdoor Cafe Paris with Delicious Menu

Another classic restaurant in Paris is named Le Coupe Chou and is famous for its home style French cuisine which has classic entrées on the menu. This restaurant is an ideal night time outdoor café Paris as it is located uphill from the rue des Ecoles in the Latin Quarter. It is not very easy to find and the façade is covered with ivy and you may mistake it for a basic shack at first glance.

This café offers a prefixed menu with items like Coupe Chou, a main course of delicious boeuf bourgignon with tasty gravy and onion pearls, and dessert which was chocolate mousse.

Another night time outdoor café in Paris formerly known as Boulangerie Haupois has been renamed to Gabriela L.V. You can approach it by walking over the rue des Deux Ponts from the rue de Rivoli, till you reach the old fashioned café with a wooden facade. It is very popular with the locals and now many visitors flock to it and enjoy the wonderful pastry and breads like the pain aux raisins which is a combination of soft and chewy pastry filled with juicy raisins that offer a burst of flavor.

You can enjoy ice cream in France, and take in the scene of the streets at Amorino which is a gelateria located at the Ile St. Louis and competes fiercely with the old establishment of Berthillon at 31 rue St. Louis en l’ Ile.  Amorino offers delicious flavors and is more reasonably priced also. But the best ice cream in Paris and in fact all of France is offered by Berthillon. After you have enjoyed a delicious meal at night time outdoor Café Paris, you can enjoy the rich ice cream and gelato even on a winter evening.


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