Paris Short Term Furnished Apartment Rental

Going to Paris on vacation? Looking for a furnished apartment for short term rental? Our guide to short term rental of furnished apartments in Paris gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

The best way to find a furnished apartment in Paris on a short term basis is through a French estate agent. Unlike many other countries where anybody can set themselves up to be an estate agent, France has strict laws and regulations which ensures that a recognized estate agent will not rip you off. If you speak French that is certainly a help in terms of communicating with the estate agents in France or even browsing the newspaper for ads; however, due to the demand for short term apartment rentals in Paris coming from English speaking clients, many Paris based estate agents have English speaking staff.

Signing Apartment Rental Contracts in Paris

Of course when it comes to signing any rental agreement in Paris you should be fully aware of what you are signing. If you don’t understand French you should consider employing a bilingual estate agent who will look over the terms of the contract and explain things to you.

Short Term Apartment Rental Paris

Technically, a short term apartment rental in France is for 90 days or less and carries with it certain legal stipulations when it comes to signing the contract. Although the signing of a contract between landlord and tenant is obligatory according to French law, the contract is quite flexible. For example, no special notice is required if you need to leave the furnished apartment prior to the originally agreed upon date. The short term rental contract also expires naturally at the end of 90 days. However, with short term rental apartments in Paris you need to pay the first months rent in full, along with a refundable deposit, often equivalent to one month’s rent. If you decide to leave in the middle of a month there is no refund for those days in the month when you didn’t use the apartment.

Long Term Apartment Rental Paris

Long term apartment rentals in Paris are those that are from 90 days up to one year. Depending on whether the apartment you rent will be your primary residence or just a holiday home, the precise terms of the contract differ. With long term apartment rentals in Paris a tenant must give at least three months notice if they wish to terminate the contract earlier than originally agreed upon. In some special circumstances this period may be reduced to a month.

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