Parisian Apartment Kitchen

Want to learn more about the Parisian apartment kitchen style? Read our guide for facts and info the various elements that make up Parisian apartments kitchens…

Over the years Parisian kitchen designs have caught the interest of a global audience. Many people consider French kitchen designs when looking to remodel their kitchen space or construct a new home. With a dash of modernism and an overwhelming classic French appeal, Parisian apartment kitchens seem to be the perfect choice for a stylish and practical kitchen space.

There are many distinctive features of Parisian kitchens. First of all you should know that the French love to cook and hence properly designing the kitchen space is very important for them. This is why you will find the chopping table to be placed at the center of the kitchen space in most layouts. Also the French like to cook without many things obstructing their path. This is why all items like the fridge, oven and stove are placed out of the way.

The visibility factor is one of the key elements of Parisian kitchen design. Basically the attempt is to create a café like environment by making use of chic tables and chairs that are incorporated into the kitchen space. The work area on the other hand is composed of a long table that allows plenty of room to the cook to conduct all preparations with ease. The tables are never attached to the walls so as to leave space where cupboards and shelves can be installed.

Getting the flooring right can help to create that classic Parisian style. Seasoned mahogany and marble is commonly used in order to capture that rustic look In order to get that regal style varnished cupboards and shelves may also be added.

Then you have hooks that are installed close to the stove and cooking area. Pots and pans along with other kitchen utensils are hung up on these hooks and they also provide easy accessibility. Classic city tones are preferred which make the kitchen resemble the old Paris apartments.

Small tables along with trendy chairs can be incorporated in the kitchen space. They come in handy when serving breakfast for a small family. However this idea will serve little purpose for larger families. The incorporation of tables and chairs within the kitchen space is however a historical tradition amongst the French.

Contemporary interior designers have added certain twists to the traditional French apartment kitchen designs. The change has come in the form of increased usage of more modular and affordable materials such as synthetic woods and plastics.

Another interesting element of a French apartment kitchen design is the bar table. This is usually installed next to a sink and provides the cook with adequate space where he can place all the things he needs within his hand’s reach.

In order to capture the essence of the classic Parisian look it is best to incorporate furniture with the old world look. You can also put up some interesting wall paintings to add some flair to the kitchen space.

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