Property Buying Dangers France

Are you buying a property in France? If you’re using a UK based French Property dealer you should read this page before you sign anything.

Buying property in France can be a tricky business. Firstly, there’s the language barrier which makes it difficult to do even the most basic things like find a good French estate agent, talk to locals in France or even browse the net for property in French.

Demand for Property in France

Over the past few years more and more people from the UK have started buying property in France. To cater for this seemingly insatiable English demand for French property, dozens of UK based French property consultants have set up business in the UK. While they are all keen to help you with buying that property you have your eye on in France, they’ll also take a nice little chuck out of your property budget.

Property Brokers in France

Setting up business as a property broker, of agent immobilier as it’s known in French, is not an easy process. France has a long history of high levels of government regulation and people from other European countries are often surprised to see just how much the French government is involved in all sectors of the economy. Property is no exception in France as the sector is heavily regulated.

UK Based French Property Brokers

What this means for anyone buying property in France is that when you’re talking to a French property broker based in the UK, beware that his business does not necessarily conform to the strict standards imposed by the French law.

What this really means for you if you’re buying property in France is that you’re likely to get charged for things by your property broker in the UK, that you otherwise wouldn’t be charged for if you were buying your property in France from a French broker.  French property brokers in the UK try to charge large consultancy fees and even charge you a fee for every property in France they show you.

Beware of UK Based Brokers selling Property In France

There are a few unethical practices used by UK based property brokers trying to sell you property in France. If you’re buying property in France and your broker tries any of these with you, take it as a sign that they are probably not he best people to be buying property in France with. After buying any property in France there’s a 7 day cooling off period. Your property dealer cannot ask for their commission within that period.  You should never have to pay to be put on a register to view property in France. If anyone asks you to do this, they aren’t reputable property dealers.

The Best Way to Buy Property in France

The best way to protect yourself when buying a property in France is to search for your property with a registered Immobilier who is a member of a major trade body in France. The two biggest trade bodies in France for Property dealers are the SNPI and the FNAIM


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