Rodin Museum Paris

Are you going on vacation to Paris? Want to visit the Rodin Museum? Our guide to the Rodin Museum Paris tells you when to go, what to see, ticket information and more.

The Rodin Museum is dedicated to the life and works of Auguste Rodin, one of the most famous French names in 19th century French sculpture  whose works spanned more than five decades. The Rodin Museum in Paris is one of two museums in France dedicated to Rodin. The other Rodin Museum is located in Meudon.

Getting to the Rodin Museum Paris

The easiest way to get to the Rodin Museum using the Paris metro system is to get off a Verenne Metro station and walk. The Rodin Museum is signposted when you get out of the station. The address of the Rodin Museum Paris is 77 Rue de Varenne.

Rodin Museum Paris Building

Quite apart from the art on display at the Rodin Museum in Paris, the building in which it is housed is worth visiting. Originally built as a private residence in the early 18th century, the museum building is unusual in that it is completely detached and set amidst three acres of gardens on all sides.

Many people who visit the Rodin Museum in Paris enjoy wandering around the gardens just as much as they admire the art exhibitions. In fact, several of Rodin’s larger sculptures are set in the gardens adding an interesting artistic dimension to a naturally beautiful setting.

Rodin Museum Paris Art Exhibitions

The art works in side the Rodin Museum are primarily those belong ing to rodin. However, a significant number of artworks belong to Camille Claudel, a French contemporary of Rodin. Some of the most famous pieces of art done by rodin which can be seen at the museum include the Thinker, the Hand of God, the Kiss, and the Cathedral.

Rodin Museum Opening Times

The Rodin Museum in Paris has varying opening times in summer and winter. From April to September the Rodin Museum is open from 9.45 am until 5.45pm. the Gardne closes at 6.45pm. Opening hours from October to March are an hour shorter with the museum closing at 4.45pm and the garden closing 15 minutes after.

Rodin Museum Paris Tickets

A standard ticket to the Rodin Museum costs 6 Euros while a reduced ticket is 4 Euros. Some people come just for the garden and can by a garden only ticket for 1 Euro. Under 18’s get into the Museum for free.

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