Yamaha Double French Horns

Interested in purchasing the Yamaha double French horns? Then read our guide for more facts and information…

Yamaha Corporation began in 1887 in Japan and today the company has become the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments. Yamaha’s philosophy emphasizes on diversification, research and development and more importantly committing to care for the end user.

They have an extensive line of double French horns which come with different specifications and special features that improve the playing experience.


The YHR-567 is an intermediate double French horn which has become quite popular and is similar to another Yamaha hit, the 667V. This model is used by many professional players even though it falls in the price range of intermediate horns.
The model has a 0.472″ bore, 12 1/8″ bell diameter and a medium bell throat. The lead pipe is of gold brass material and the bell is made from yellow brass. The YHR-567 can be purchased with a fixed or detachable bell. The model has a clear lacquer finish and comes with four yellow brass rotors.

Special Features

The YHR-567 comes with certain features that improve the user experience altogether. For example the horn’s lead pipe taper enhances the intonation and responsiveness while the wrap allows for easy hand movement and better flow of air.

The horn’s inner and outer slides are made from nickel silver which prevents corrosion, better fir and guarantees more durability than those made from brass. The tapered valves are said to support for a long while without air leakage.
The model can be easily used by kids and adults alike due to the 4th rotor thumb lever which can be adjusted to make do for any hand size.

The combination of the secure high register, strong projection, and quick attack of the Bb horn with the rich, warm timbre of the F horn make the double horn ideal for most playing situations.

YHR-567 is also recommended for students due to its rapid responsiveness while the precise tone, sound quality and intonation appeals to the professionals.

Considering all the features, the Yamaha 567 is a great investment instrument and definitely serves the player the value money paid.

You can also choose from the other models of the Yamaha double French horn. Generally the specifications are going to be more or less the same. The difference will mainly lie in the special add on features.

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