National Parks in Hungary

Are you going on holiday to Hungary? Do you want to do some hiking or camping in one of Hungary’s national parks? Our guide to national parks in Hungary gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Despite its average size, there are a diverse range of climates in Hungary, terrains and landscapes which provide the visitor with plenty of choice and variety. Hungary boasts a total of 9 national parks within its borders, many of which are popular destinations for visitors from both inside and outside Hungary, who come primarily for the camping. Fishing and hiking are also popular activities.

National parks in the northern uplands of Hungary

The northern uplands in Hungary are home to two of the best national parks in Hungary; the Bukk hills and Aggtelek. The Bukk hills are located to the east of the capital city of Budapest, and as the name would suggest, the terrain in this national park is hilly. The Aggtelek national park has a more wooded terrain with oak, beech and birch trees all forming the forest to be found there. There is also a network of caves and underground streams than run under the national parks.

National parks in the wetlands in Hungary

The wetlands and marshes of Puszta in Hungary host three of Hungary’s main national parks. These are the Hortobagy, Kiskunsag and Koros- Maros national parks. These national parks are quite popular with hikers and enthusiasts of bird watching in Hungary as many bird species settle in the marshes during their annual migrations.

National parks on the Danube in Hungary

The River Danube is the largest river in Hungary and splits the capital city of Budapest in two. The river runs from the north of the country to the south and although there are several green areas located off the banks of the river, the main national park on the Danube is called the Drava national park. This national park is located in southern Trandubia and is home to the Gemenc forest which is one of the main forests in Hungary. This park is a good place to go hiking and the climate in this part of Hungary is slightly milder than in the north of the country.

National parks at Lakes in Hungary

Hungaary has more than 1000 lakes although the majority of these are really quite small. The main national park located on the shores of a Lake in Hungary is at Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Hungary and during the summer months becomes crowded with holiday makers mainly from Budapest. The national park at Lake Balaton is a great place to go fishing, camping or hiking as it is surrounded by forested areas.  Alternatively, the Hansag national park is located at Lake Ferto which is a smaller lake and the national park located close to the border with Austria in the north of Hungary.

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