Indian Cannabis Mythology

There are many mythologies about Indian Cannabis. Some of the Indian Cannabis mythologies are related to ancient Indian culture and religious activities. Indian Cannabis has been used as an integral part of many religious functions. Uses of Indian Ca

Cultivation and use of Cannabis started in China and it was transmitted to India about 4000 years ago. Indian Cannabis Mythology informs us that Indians revered and respected the plants and animals as they believed that there are spirits for plants and animals including human beings. Upon death the spirits wander around the earth and it is essential to make these spirits happy. Marijuana and other intoxicating cannabis products have major roles in these rituals.

In Indian Vedas, Marijuana has got a sacred position. It is termed as a spiritual item suitable for freedom of distress and as a suitable medicine for relieving anxiety. According to Indian mythology, Cannabis is a gift from God, which can cure many diseases. It is believed that cannabis with its magical and spiritual powers lowered fever, cured skin diseases, stopped dysentery, fostered sleep and many other ills. The curative powers of Cannabis are believed to be extraterrestrial. It is assumed through Indian Cannabis mythology that it can stimulate appetite, improve judgment, foster thinking, prolong the life and bring youthfulness. It is true that many of the Indian mythological beliefs about cannabis are proved true scientifically in the modern world.

Indian Cannabis is usually taken as bhang; a cannabis concoction in milk. Bhang is used in all auspicious days including religious ceremonies and marriages. Similarly the derivatives of Indian Cannabis, Hashish or charas are widely used by Indian sadhus like followers of Lord Shiva. The Indian sadhus, solely working for attaining liberation, use Indian Cannabis and believe that God is present in the smoke patterns of cannabis.

Indian Cannabis Mythologies also reveal these products to be stimulants of sex and energy. These are glorified as energy sources for military conquests. Bhakti (Worship) in Hindu mythology is emptying mind from worldly distractions and cannabis is the best consumable for attaining this. It is very interesting to know about mythological stories of Indian Cannabis, which can lead your thinking process in unknown regions. Hindu epics narrate many uses of Indian Cannabis for religious and social purposes. There are many known facts and legendary stories about Indian cannabis and one can get details through many books and online websites.

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